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Kolbrin/Kailedy / Re: Hurmanetar is Gilgamesh
« Last post by deshepherd on March 17, 2018, 06:38:25 AM »
Her are a couple of facts I've gleaned elsewhere that might provide clues to making the right connections and /or seeiing the other layers hidden beneath the story. We should be aware that certain characters will appear under different names as the period in question occurs after the Tower of Babel.

According to the Book of Jasher Nimrod was slain by Esau who consequently had to flee the land of his birthright . He exchanged it contractually  with his brother for money & provisions for him to depart with his household & live elsewhere. The selling of his birthright for a bowl of pottage is thus allegorical.
To my mind the character of Hurmanetar does conjure up the person of Esau who was a mighty hunter and had to sojourn in other lands, & contaminated his bloodline by taking a Cainanite for wife. If Hurmanetar were Nimrod's son why would he sojourn in different lands & not his estate?

Is it coincidental that the first major event of the Iraq war was the looting of the Baghdad Museum with its hundreds of Nimrod artifacts & records and the war officially ended a day or two after the tomb of Gilgamesh had been located, excavated and shipped out by the Americans & Germans who subsequently argued over ownership? Did these ancient records and artefacts hold the occult key to weapons of mass destruction, the "Ring of Power"?

Welcome to the forums vee!

I know I'm still interested in the subject and would love to read your thoughts on the matter.
hi there,
is there someone still interested in this subject? I think I could help to solve the mistery :-)
Art & Music / Re: Destroyer Music (The Move: What?)
« Last post by BennettPo on November 23, 2017, 10:16:26 AM »
I've never heard of this band before. Thanks for broadening my horizons Len.
News and Announcements / The Bigger Picture of Life (Including Navigation and Ground Rules)
« Last post by Len on September 04, 2017, 08:27:29 PM »
The selection from the following group of Teachings is aimed to view the totality of our lives, death, and our purpose here on Earth. Once this bigger picture can be gleaned, we can begin to understand how to navigate through life, avoiding repeated pitfalls and achieving success towards ultimate goals and purposes. This includes the expansion of personal awareness and increasing self-control/self-mastery through moral constraint, designed to water the flowers of virtue whilst harnessing and pulling out the weeds of vice and self-inflicted suffering. It requires vision and work, and these selections present both a map towards greater awareness and the practical instruction of what must be worked on.

Towards the bigger picture, we begin this rotational selection with our booklet, Life & Death. Life & Death is a booklet we publish that broadly covers the meaning of life and spiritual realities in this realm and beyond. The entire cycle of life is considered. This booklet is presented for those contemplating deeper understanding of experiential reality and metaphysical mechanics. Life & Death is presently freely available for all logged in website members.

A selection from our channeled works next is the Second Book of Gwineva, a follow up and expansion of the first. Gwineva deals with many of the same themes as in the first book, but does so in a more practical matter, focused less on metaphysics and cosmology, and more on  day to day issues in our modern society. It contains advice and instruction anyone can put into practice or observed from the moment after reading it. Gwineva II is available free to read for all logged in members.

Lastly, a selection from the Kolbrin, The Book of Morals and Precepts, provides some of the best, most distilled instruction on how one may go about establishing and perfecting nearly every aspect of life. This particular book details nearly every strength and weakness, virtue and vice, that a person needs to focus on for a healthy and happy life. None of us are so perfected that we need not return to this instruction from time to time for adjustment and fine-tuning, which provides a mirror to remind us of our individual successes (for encouragement in what has been already gained), and more importantly, a spotlight on blemishes/weaknesses/sickness that still needs overcoming. And with each of the latter worked on and ticked off the list, a veritable garden paradise is established within that can only grow, both within and beyond us, when tended. The tools to do so are not more clearly and comprehensively laid out than in this magnificent book from the Kolbrin.

These are big subjects and challenges when chosen to be implemented. They needn't be discovered or worked on alone. Those of you without a fellow group of like-minded Seekers are welcome to join in discussion, or for support, on our forums. We need each other on this Path, and together we can each teach, learn, help, and be helped. See you here...
General Metaphysics: Theory & Practice / Re: Alchemy :)
« Last post by marcuss on June 25, 2017, 02:16:34 AM »
Hi an article i read about alchemy years ago in the nexus magazine described David Hudson's rediscovery of white gold see his sales site [] and his ORME Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Element British Patent # GB 2,219,995 A ( December 28, 1989 )  UK Class: C1A &c
International Class: C21D
Non-Metallic, Monoatomic Forms of Transitional Elements invented by
David Radius Hudson
Concord Research Corp., 15650 North Black Canyon Hwy., Phoenix, AZ 85023

At[] .
 Which gives a very accurate method of electron balancing the precious elements into there higher dimensional states, now how you use those ORME's is another question! Material gain, physical growth, spiritual advancement, less is more. Just be mindful of the warnings that allways accompany the "redlion".
Have fun marcuss
General Metaphysics: Theory & Practice / Re: Alchemy :)
« Last post by IsiahAll on June 05, 2017, 02:09:12 AM »
ahaha, not making fun of anyone,, but for me alchemy is just a long lost method of chemistry,,. i cant explains the crazy bulk system i got that conclusion,, its just how my brain thinks.. ;D

I'd love to turn stuff into gold lol.
Politics and Economics / Re: Politically Opposed: How Can We Live Together?
« Last post by wsimm101 on May 11, 2017, 06:51:23 PM »
We all seek after a singular ego expression . A moment of joy and perfection, in which these principles are unified. the ego is formed as it is exposed to the world. the greater that exposure or separation, violent ripping there-from whence it cometh.  It is and receiveth that which it needeth from the world in degrees. Pressure is applied as the ego expresses itself and more comes out and over and over we go, whether you say no or not!
News and Announcements / Old Meets New
« Last post by Len on February 26, 2017, 10:41:57 PM »
Belated wishes to each of you after the holidays and New Year! A new year means a fresh beginning in a timeless cycle. This month, we have several beginnings to share with you; some new, some old, some timeless in reflection of the Cycle of Life itself.

As to new rotational Teachings, first on the agenda is The Book of Gwineva. This was the very first book to be put out by the Culdians, and it represents our group's first experience into a much wider spiritual world. One could say Gwineva herself, being our first contact with a much more developed otherworldly being, is the unofficial patron of the Culdian Trust, and her communications in this book represent much of the core foundation of our movement and organization. More than this, however, her Teachings alone are enough to cover the depth and breadth for any individual, family, or new group wishing to lay a foundation for greater ethical and spiritual practice.

This is an important point. One must have a solid and worthwhile foundation to build any meaningful structure, and there are few that can equal the Teachings of Gwineva in the realm of Spirituality. More than this, Gwineva's Teachings speak to modern problems in today's society. Too often, we look to ancient Teachers speaking to a society we cannot relate to. Gwineva bridges this gap by directly confronting modern problems, and how they may be remedied in our personal lives from a perspective of timeless wisdom.

The Book of Gwineva is presently being offered free to read for all logged in website members, and Parts I & II are available for anyone visiting the site.

The second selection from our Teachings, available free to read for all, speaks comprehensively on the subject of its own title: Reincarnation. This booklet deals with the logical, scientific, and theological proofs and scope of the subject of reincarnation. As the Circle of Life completes itself, as a senior lies on his deathbed awaiting transition to a newborn babe, we find old meeting new in our own lives.

Lastly, we have to share one of the latter, and also relatively younger, wisdom books from the Kolbrin, The Book of Lucius. Lucius is one of the most refined and enlightened characters in the entire Kolbrin, and the entire book is a recording of his Teachings. This book is not for the average dabbler, or one seeking a more elementary or intermediate instruction. These are deep metaphysical Teachings meant for those seeking to pierce the veil between the seen and unseen. It is for those called to become 'Masters of Life', for those consciously on the Soulpath, for those Journeying to find direct connection with the Higher Sources of Existence. For those ready to take the next step, The Book of Lucius is available free to read for all logged in members of the website.

All of these works may be purchased for you to keep from our Store, but are available for you to read now, for free! Until next time...
Theology / Re: Comparative Theology #1: The Golden Rule
« Last post by Len on February 26, 2017, 12:56:07 PM »
It has been some time I have been away. I  am happy to be here now with a question.
Religions do share common ethics in various ways. In the Catholic view from which I was taught the commandments now seem sometimes misspoken.
The first I thought about this was with "thou shalt not kill".
Should it not say "cherish and defend the sacred gift of life"?
Do other religions confuse this way, making defense of innocent life a sin if it requires violence?

Good to see you back, Tim!

The problem of "thou shalt not kill" is one of translation. In ancient Hebrew, this commandment would more correctly be translated to "You shall not murder." (The New King James Version [NKJV] and English Standard Version [ESV] of the Bible, the two most accurate modern translations of the Bible, do use the word "murder" instead of "kill".) Meaning, justifiable killing in self defense, war, or legal executions are morally permitted in Jewish and Christian doctrine.

These sorts of confusions arise when religion becomes hoary with age, or have grown too long in the tooth. Meaning becomes divorced from symbol and ritual, and eventually, becoming a hollowed out shell of it's former self, no longer serves the purpose to which it was originally intended. Likewise, conditions in society and culture change and evolve, which require removal of some non-applicable dogma, and the addition of new instruction for more modern issues and problems.

What is required here is more enlightened modern practitioners in communion with Spirit that can correctly update and clarify ethical and spiritual subjects to modernity. Every generation needs these "prophets", and those whom Spirit 'calls' needs lamps in the darkness for progression on their Journey for Direct Communication. Knowing an answer, directly perceived by a Higher Source, is preferable to academic, theological guess work that juggles the garbled translations of prophets lost to age for millennia, and cross referencing these with intellectual stabs in the dark from theological commentary often at variance with each other.

This is what Culdians attempt to accomplish in our own small way, in which ancient Teachings are clarified in the Kolbrin, modern Teachings are laid out in the Booklets and Channeled Works, and those 'called' for Higher, Direct Experience may be shown the way to the Source.
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