I am Celestina, at least that is the name by which I choose to make myself known, for I am what you know as a discarnate entity, a spiritperson. I am not part of any spiritual hierarchy, nor can I claim rank or powers, I am merely me. On earth I was a teacher of children, and because of my great concern for the well-being of Mother Earth and her wayward children I am drawn back to communicate through a compatible channel. It is the intensity of a desire that ensures its fulfilment in the fulness of time.

I come to you as Celestina because I want to be considered as one of the Heralds of the Celestial Age, someone embodying its spirit. I am a teacher of things which have to be known, things which will provide the guidance and guidelines needed to support those traversing the treacherous territory of the New Age. The word ‘Celestial’ is apt, it pertains to the Divine, Elysian – the good and beautiful, the paradisiacal, and to the stars and stellar spaces wherein lies the destiny of humankind.

The New Age is an age of transition, of change, during which old values are being reassessed and new values experimented with. It is unfortunate, however, that all too often the old is being equated with the outworn or outmoded, and too easily discarded through lack of understanding of its original intent. The attitude that the old is bad and the new good does not always serve humankind well. While it is important to know what is good and what is bad, it is also important to understand why. Mere acceptance of things as good or bad is not enough.

Credulous acceptance of anything is undesirable. Be prudent at all times and always provide safeguards and cross-checks. Increasingly, gullible people are accepting all kinds of spurious messages from dubious sources, which could do a considerable amount of harm. Not all who produce messages, allegedly from extra human sources, are conscious frauds. They are often self-deluded, but sometimes do channel genuine communications, although these become so coloured by the channel’s subconscious mind they are virtually worthless. Of course, the best method of assessment is the worth of what is produced.

What I say here is not to be accepted and made public until confirmed by a like communication through another channel.*

*An independent confirmation was received.

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