A Culdian Perspective on Worship and Prayer


Some readers of this publication may not be familiar with the name ‘Culdian’, although it is now fairly well known throughout New Zealand, and many who may have heard it may not know just what it means, or what a Culdian really is.  It is a designation which often causes confusion and is subject to considerable misinterpretation and misconception, particularly with those who, consciously or unconsciously, ally themselves with forces covertly against human progress.  Basically a Culdian is one who recognizes that the hallmark of a civilized community is the ability to reconcile material prosperity with a due concern for things of the spirit.  This basic concept may be coloured by an orientation towards the revival of fundamental spiritual concepts based on a belief that in the ancient past there were spiritual philosophies which embraced truths now seen less clearly; truths which are capable of integration into everyday life and were once an integral part of the cosmic whole, and consequently are conducive to communal and planetary harmony.  Culdians believe that this planetary harmonizing influence has been almost lost in a civilization which has oriented itself towards material aspects, which consequent neglect of basic human spiritual needs and the dogmatizing of misconceptions of Truth.

Culdian beliefs and the Culdian philosophy cover a wide spectrum and some whom we might for convenience call ‘fundamental Culdians’, seek to revive and follow the teachings of the ancient Culdees, which the earliest Christians in Britain propagated.  However, generally speaking, a modern Culdian can be defined as one who aspires to ultimate truths, whether these be in the Celestial or terrestrial realm and who continually quests for Truth in its sublime aspect.  Therefore, the designation

‘Culdian’ is applicable to any member of the Culdian Celestial Age Trust who accepts the requirements for membership as set in the Constitution, irrespective of his or her creed, faith or philosophy, providing there is an open mind and tolerance of the beliefs of others.  We are, as far as we know, the only spiritually orientated organization in New Zealand which makes all its policies, activities and teachings legally subordinated to the ultimate in Truth.

Perhaps we should also clarify the term ‘Celestial Age’ as used by Culdians, for this, too causes confusion in the minds of many.  Culdians prefer to use the designation ‘Celestial Age’, rather than ‘New Age’, because it implies something transcending the latter.  (Celestial – pertaining to the heavens, divinely good or beautiful, sublime, Elysian or pertaining to the astral or stellar, the skies and space.)  So the Celestial Age is the coming age born of the trials and travail of the New Age, when humanity will fulfill its cosmic destiny and discover its universal place.  The Celestial Age transcends the New Age which carries within itself degenerative seeds of human decay.  Advocates of the New Age are all too often orientated towards apathy and self-centred individuality; they manifest an inability to work for long in co-operative harmony with others and display a tendency towards incohesiveness, segmentation and irresponsible parenting, as well as an inability to establish firm family relationships and commitments.  Out of the unwholesome social climate generated arises the modern spate of delinquencies, anti-social behavior, lawlessness, aggression and antagonism between the sexes.

The Celestial Age stands in contradiction to these elements and so basically the term implies and embraces the positive, harmonizing, stimulating, stabilizing, co-operative, committed, idealistic, and truly loving aspects of the New Age philosophy, while it utterly rejects the negative elements mentioned.  It is recognized that the New Age is a necessary transition period between the past ages of probation and preparation and the advent of the Celestial Age with all its promise of fulfillment.  So the Culdians, looking beyond the complexities and perplexities of the New Age, have formulated the concept of a Celestial Age when humans will reach out beyond their earthly confines to grasp a destiny among the stars.

Culdians are ideologists.  They have a concept of a better and more enlightened world, of a planet purged of all that plagues it at present.  They know that there is little wrong with earth itself, the problems lie with its inhabitants, with individual inadequacies, attitudes and relationships.  They know, too, that to achieve progress into an age of fulfillment, causes have to be tackled rather than effects, therefore, Culdians get to grips with fundamental causes.

Areas of particular concern to Culdians are the declining status of the family and associated irresponsible conception and parenting, the contamination and exploitation of our natural environment, the darkening shadow of international events and the prevailing attitudes of indifference, apathy and self-interest.  There are known counteracting measures for all these ills, but the general response seems to be:  “Things are inevitably going to get worse anyway, so why waste energy in opposing them.  Maybe if we ignore them they will go away and meanwhile let us enjoy life in our own self-generated cocoons.”

These cocoons take a variety of forms, most being based on some self-satisfying expression of concern which does not make too many demands on effort or convenience.  Consequently, they achieve little and are merely sops conducive to soporific mental states in a disintegrating society.  Nearly all have the effect of substantiating some form of ‘individual expression’ which is in effect no more than an opting out of greater responsibility.  This philosophy of self-centred individuality, with its consequent expressions of self-gratification and social irresponsibility, is increasingly generating a climate which will ultimately destroy the idealism which hitherto has inspired humankind on its upward evolutionary path.

In contradiction to the prevailing attitudes of ‘opting out’ into self-centered individuality, the Culdians have an established concept of compatible co-operation, this being a framework balanced between the maximum of  individual freedom and the requirements for a healthy social climate.  The following, based upon some principles outlined in the Constitution of the Culdian Celestial Age Trust, is indicative of what we mean.

It is obvious to all thinking persons that discord among them and undue restrictions on their behaviour are prejudicial to harmonious living, but neither can there be progress without regulation, restraint and common accord.  Therefore, people argue only as to the boundaries of their behavioural and obligatory pastures and dispute only where these overlap.  Unfortunately, the generality of them cannot balance maximum freedom in conduct, obligation and relationships with the requirements of personal and human development and progress.  There is a pressing need for some form of code of conduct to regulate relationships between people and harmonise their attitudes towards one another.  The necessity to subordinate self-interest to greater ideals or to balance the principles of brotherhood, compassion, social consciousness and loving kindness with individuality and personal needs.  The underlying cause of most personal problems and conflicts appears to be defective personal relationships or self-orientated conditions of mind and outlook conducive to discord.

We trust that you will benefit from reading this booklet and that you will have a clearer concept of what Culdians stand for and what they hope to achieve.  If you have any queries or desire fuller information, please write info@culdiantrust.org

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