A Culdian’s Thoughts on the Bible


The greatness of any work is determined by its effects on people’s lives and undoubtedly the most influential printed work has been and is the Bible.  However, although it has been of inestimable value in the service of good, its defects must not be overlooked and it must be admitted that it has contributed, to a considerable extent, towards things inimical to Good.

Some of this is, of course, due to faulty human inter-pretation and the errors to which man is prone, but all cannot be laid at the door of the reader.  There are faults and errors in the book itself and those who refuse to recognize this do the Bible and Christianity a disservice.  The Bible was produced under worldly conditions; it must, therefore, be subject to them and perfection is not an attribute of earthliness.

Having said that, let it be stated that Culdians are not antagonistic towards the biblical scriptures; on the contrary, we accept the scriptural message as a whole, but have to reject certain aspects which accord neither with reason and commonsense, nor with reality as we know it.  Our criticisms are not meant to be directed against the Bible itself, but against the bigoted acceptance of it as the infallible word of God.

We do believe that it was largely written by divinely-inspired, sincere men, but cannot go so far as to affirm that every word contained therein is the direct word of God.  It is the bigoted and narrow attitude of some that we attack when we voice criticisms of the Bible.  We believe that if these prejudiced persons were to remove the blinkers from their eyes and accept the Bible for what it is, they would be able to get their message across far more satisfactorily.  If the Bible was presented as an inspirational work designed to be a guide towards a more exemplary way of life rather than as an infallible and inflexible divine injunction, its appeal to more intellectually-orientated people would be enhanced.

We believe, perhaps even more fervently than many other Christians, in the message Christ came to bring to the world and our sincere concern is for the message itself.  Because we also believe in the supreme goodness and omnipotence of God, the Father of all humanity, we have to reject some parts of the biblical texts which others consider all essential.

If we, at times, overtly criticise the Bible it is with genuine sadness that we do so, for we believe in the good faith of those who compiled it and our aim is not to attack the scriptures themselves.  What we are trying to achieve is a more balanced approach to their message which, if accepted with the right attitude of mind, will prove a valuable source of guidance and inspiration.

If this booklet stimulates your interest, please do not hesitate to write or otherwise make contact.  We certainly cannot claim to have all the answers, no one does, but we do have some of them, perhaps these are the ones you have been seeking.  Why not find out?

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