Telepathic Healing


Before you can understand Telepathic Healing you must know something about the nature of human beings, so that is where we will make a start. Telepathic Healing is relatively new and is an extension of what is known as Distant Healing, though the former is more scientifically based than the latter.

To simplify matters and make things more understandable we will state that the human individual is dual in nature, that is to say there is a physical body and a non-physical body or, if you like, there is body and Spirit. Atheists, realists, materialists or whatever they like to call themselves will, of course, denied the existence of anything other than the physical, but such denial in no way alters a fact. We, the Culdians, have a Course of Instruction wherein the methods are given for separating the two bodies and many of the experiments prove the fact of human duality. Were there no duality such things could not be possible.

All that experiences, feels, enlivens, senses and responds resides in what we will, for convenience, refer to as the Transdimensional Body. (Thus, we hope, pacifying those readers who may not believe in anything spiritual.) The vehicle of expression, the medium of earthly experience, the mechanical, material being, the physical body, we will simply refer to as the body.

Please bear with us as we go into a few basic principles relating to the nature of human individuals. Just picture, in your mind’s eye, a human being standing before you. Now gradually draw the body apart so that you see two bodies, each the duplicate of the other. Shall we say that the one on the left represents the physical body and the other the transdimensional body. The latter will appear as more etheric than the former, for it is out of its compatible dimension and therefore, manifests with less solidity.

The transdimensional body is the ‘Knower’, the ‘Experiencer’, while the other is the instrument of knowing and experiencing. Consequently, although all the mechanisms of sight are in the physical body, that which actually sees, which interprets what impinges on the eye and passes through the sight mechanism, is in the transdimensional body. The physical body contains the material nerves, but the enlivening energies reside in the one on the right. A minute before death the eye would be able to see, a minute after it could not although all the mechanisms of sight remain intact. What has gone that makes the difference?

We have a small group of people undergoing special development and this phenomenon is amply illustrated by certain exercises wherein the two bodies are separated. When this happens it is possible to push a needle through a hand without any reaction whatsoever. “Ah”, you might say, “they have been rendered immune to pain, perhaps they are hypnotized, or in some other way rendered oblivious to physical injuries.” That explanation does not suffice, for the transdimensional body is also there, separated but nearby, invisible to normal physical eyesight. If the needle is stuck into the hand of the double, maybe three or four feet away from the physical hand, the physical hand may or may not jerk; usually it does not, but certainly there is neither actual pain nor mark there. However, when the two bodies are brought back into coherence, although the needle had not been within feet of the physical hand, that hand will be sore as though a needle (or knife) had been struck into it and may, though not often, bleed.

This is but one of quite a number of experiments carried out which indicate the duality of the human being.

The phenomenon of astral projection is difficult to explain, unless some kind of counterpart or double is postulated. Today all the research carried out in many parts of the world seem to confirm the age old beliefs in the duality of man’s nature. This duality, this interpenetrating of the two bodies, is important to the understanding of many otherwise inexplicable psychic phenomena and of Telepathic Healing.

The brain is a material thing; on a slab in the morgue the brains of a moron and a genius look exactly alike. However, there would be no similarity in their minds. When considering the two bodies, the transdimensional and the physical, picture the former as having a mind while the brain is part of the latter. Brain and mind interpenetrate, or rather it might be better stated that the mind suffuses brain. For analogy, take a sponge in water. Both sponge and water share the same space, one interpenetrating the other. So, more or less, can it be said that mind and brain occupy the same space, one occupying physical space and the other interdimensional space. Here we may be taking you out of your depth, so we will leave it there. If you are interested in going into these things more fully we suggest you write to us.

The human body is a very complex receiving and transmitting instrument and, in fact, each body cell not only contains a self-identity in its function, but is also a recorder of all that happens to it. Every cell in your body is duplicated replaced within six months. Over a period of years, depending on your age, your entire brain has been replaced between five and twenty times. Yet you retain your thoughts and memories from one brain to the next. You can still recall your younger years despite the fact that it was another brain altogether that formed these memories from one brain to the next. How is this explained? The materialists believe that the new cells feed on some chemical produced by the old cells and absorb memories with their nourishment. Any devious explanation except the obvious one.

You can still look in the mirror and see yourself as you were some years ago. Altered perhaps, but not changed completely as the cells have been. You can recognize yourself despite the fact that every single cell of the body has, during a comparatively short period, decayed and been replaced. You may be the same person; you are certainly not the same body. Yet everything has been duplicated to perfection, you even retain the same fingerprints and scars. What supervised such a magnificent achievement?

The realists and rationalists, because of scientific confirmation, have to admit the instability and impermanence of the physical body wherein the cells are continually decaying and being replaced. They are, however, unable to explain the nature of the process and are puzzled by the fact that there must be some overseeing control. They talk vaguely about chemical reactions and secretions, but fail to produce any demonstratable evidence. They state that only the brain is in charge of the activity, though they are baffled by the fact that the brain itself is subject to the same laws as the rest of the physical body.

Something does keep your body going, of that there is no doubt whatsoever. It seems to work automatically, few functions being performed consciously or deliberately. Something is in control giving the silent commands to which the body reacts, maintaining it in coherence and form, keeping it to its natural material shape. When that something departs disintegration sets in.

The body which is in poor health is more susceptible to illness than the perfectly healthy body. Likewise, the disorganized mind is more susceptible to every suggestion of disorder and so goes from bad to worse. As elements attract their counterparts, so does illness attract illness and health attract health.

It is a manifest fact of life that a person who has nothing the matter wrong with him but whose life is in disarray, is always susceptible to illness. A person who thinks discordant thoughts is one very easy to offend. He or she is irritated by the slightest disruption, for irritability lies just beneath the surface, ever ready to erupt.

To a large extent harmony of mind and body depends upon a person’s lifestyle, but undoubtedly under the same conditions one may be well and the other ill. While it is true that everyone must strive to rise above their circumstances, it is also true that anyone who revolts against what is unchangeable brings about a state of disharmony. The acceptance of that to which one is continually exposed and from which there is no escape, places it in the position of being a stimulus rather than a threat. Stockmen are not prone to sunstroke, nor seamen to the common cold.

Now, the whole human being is made up of a system of bodies related to each other through a system of harmonics. The physical body, being the most gross or open, is interpenetrated by the transdimensional body, which consists of several sheaths of dimensional bodies and this mechanism allows us to interact on several levels of consciousness.

When we state that the physical body is the most gross or open this may seem to be an ambiguity, so we will just clarify this point. The human body, like all material things, is made up of atoms in a constant state of motion. Now the atom is, in many respects, the microscopic counterpart of the solar system. Around the nucleus, electrons revolve in much the same way as planets revolve around their central sun. Another similarity between the atom and the solar system is that empty space predominates in both, the ratio of this being much the same in each case.

It is now a scientifically accepted fact that all the so-called matter in the human body, can be compressed into something smaller than a pin-head. What then, imparts solidity to the human body and to all other material substances? Everyone knows that they cannot push their fingers through a block of wood and you may query why this is so, if 99.8% is empty space. Without going into a lengthy explanation here, the short answer is that the finger is precluded from penetrating the wood by their respective force fields. These force fields are mutually reactive because of their dimensional affinity, hence the seeming solidity.

Every living creature, including man, in fact all that manifests in any form of matter, consists of molecules which, in turn, are composed of rapidly rotating atoms. Yet they all seem solid enough. This apparent solidity is a basic factor in our lives for we, ourselves, are integrated into the physical environment. We except solidness as a reality because with our physical limitations we cannot do otherwise, but the fact is that nowhere in the universe does a state of absolute solidity exist.

All the molecules in the human body, though in constant motion, are held in stability and form by a particular power, a form of energy. Within the coherent mass of the human body another form of energy is generated and it is the interplay of these two energies that causes life to manifest. The power first mentioned is universal both in origin an expression. It is three-phased and it is the ratio of these phases which maintain stability, coherence and form and manifests to us as solidity.

Everything expressing itself in physical form, from the greatest star in outer space down to the smallest molecule, is in a state of vibrational radiation. Were it not so it would be unknowable to us. These emanations interact with others, so that everything within the physical universe is interconnected, is in some way related with everything else. Nothing exists or can exist in complete isolation from all else; that is an impossibility.

We had no intention of digressing into the nature of reality while on this subject, but for anyone interested, these things are thoroughly explained in our teachings. We just want to say that even the vast majority of independent thinkers are conditioned to accept as reality, only a fairly narrow range of perceptions. This results mainly from an instinctive response originating in a system of sensory logic reinforced by educational conditioning.

We all tend to believe only that which we consider to be within the perimeters of our own accepted possibilities and, too often, we except whatever is proffered providing it falls within that area. The majority of people are so conditioned in outlook that the system works smoothly and efficiently, no questions as to correctness arising in the conscious mind.

Now, as we stated before, the human individual consists of a number of inter-related bodies or sheaths held in unity by resonating harmonic system. The basic underlying function of these bodies, harmonize into a single whole, is to respond to stimuli after they have been picked up and processed. This is what constitutes our daily conscious experiences. However, not everything picked up is necessarily registered in our conscious mind; much may be simply registered at a deeper level.

Let us, for the sake of clarification, imagine ourselves as radio-like receiving devices which can hear a number of broadcasting stations simultaneously. One station, blaring out loud band music, will come in loud and strong, while among others there will be varying degrees of loudness. We can liken the strongest broadcast to the physical reality we all know and experience. It comes through so strongly that cannot be ignored or mistaken. It may, in cases where the receiving devices are not finely tuned, drown out all other stations; disseminating better classes of music, become successively weaker and these we will liken to astral, emotional and other planes of reality.

So it comes about that persons whose ears are not too sensitive will hear only the physical station’s broadcast, all those whose hearing is better and more refined will be aware of the other broadcasts. What is important to remember is that everyone has the capacity for hearing all the stations simultaneously.

If all of the broadcasts are ignored and only the loud band music is listened to, then with time the listener will be so conditioned that nothing else will be heard. He will, therefore, form the opinion that there are no other stations operating in smile superciliously at any one declaring that they can pick them up. If the reality, the existence, of broadcasting stations was to be determined only by what was receivable on limited receiving devices, then the existence of most would be denied. An unsophisticated native living in central New Guinea, can certainly be justified in his belief that there no such things as broadcasting stations, but this does not mean that they are non-existent to other people. The realist says, “I can’t hear it, so it is not there”. We know someone who denies the existence of atoms because he cannot see them and because, to his limited senses the same as to the rest of us, a table and a chair manifest as solid objects. Yet he accepts the reality of the atomic bomb. A true realist!

The ability to hear the weaker broadcasts improves considerably once we are tuned away from the loud physical station; this is what happens in meditative states and sleep. That our senses are dominated by the overbearing physical station does not mean that we are incapable of picking up other broadcasts. They may still get through to us.

We may, for instance, stop dead in the course of our daily routine to note some intuitive intrusion, or experience a premonition. We may feel an attraction or aversion for someone we meet for the first time. These impressions are picked up through the appropriate frequency band.

When there is a sudden attraction the Superphysical Body, which extends beyond the confines of the Physical Body, resonates in harmony with another person’s being. In the case of aversion a strong dissonance must have been produced. There is another kind of stimulus which we can pick up and this is the type known as subliminal. This affects us subconsciously, that is to say we are unaware of it consciously and it only becomes knowable through apparently unrelated manifestations. For example, a constant irritation with something or somebody on any of these levels may appear as a modification in the physical body, manifesting as a psychosomatic illness.

Repressed anger, being a powerful emotion, may cause cancer in some people while anxiety and uncertainty will produce ulcers in others. Frustration, on the mental level, may sometimes intrude into the physical level as depression, etc. Modifications in the heart and adjacent areas can be brought about by wrong thinking and misdirected emotions, while defective attitudes towards love may bring about serious complications.

The strongest broadcasting station of all is the Spiritual one, but because of the nature of the receiving set and its distance from the source, it is received as the weakest. Occasionally we come across people whose mental processes are so akin to ours that we almost know what is going on in their minds. We are able to predict, almost infallibly, just what their reactions will be to a certain suggestion or situation. In cases such as these there is resonance on the mental level and this can be a very pleasant experience.

Intuitive feelings are picked up through their related band. Thus, we seem to know instinctively whether a certain course of action will result in success or failure. It may be that two or more inventors, authors, scientists or artists, will come up with similar ideas at approximately the same time, though living in widely separated areas and having had no physical contact or communication. This is because they tuned in to a particular level with the idea happened to be waiting and they resonated with it.

Just as fish live in the sea, so do we exist in a sea of seething thoughts and emotions. Each one of us is shrouded by what may be called an electromagnetic shield (we call it an auric skin), which normally insulates from the superimposition of thought waves which surge against the barrier. If this were not so our minds would be overwhelmed completely by all manner of thoughts and feelings. We would be like a radio set without a protecting tuning device to eliminate unwanted stations. This protective force field shield can be breached by ill health, strong emotional or mental upsets, hypnotic suggestion, alcohol or narcotic addiction and insanity. Stress and negativity can also cause a breach. When one or more of these conditions exist, the human individual is made susceptible to a variety of serious complaints.

Disease is an expression of energy which is disharmonious and unbalanced. In the majority of instances disease is actually something subconsciously invited in, by placing the physical body in a state of receptivity. In other cases, suffering is certainly not necessary and those supposedly sick are experiencing some disease form retained in the body. Never overlook the fact that you are working on yourself all your life, either consciously or subconsciously. Your body is continuously resisting attack and healing itself, yet because its defenses have not been breached you except it all without wonderment. What you should be doing is aiding this process consciously.

Most people want to be loved; this is a conscious yearning, but subconsciously some place themselves on a low level of love receptivity. On the physical level this subconscious resistance to love manifests as shallow breathing where the ribs, chest, diaphragm and upper back, cannot fully expand. The breath is the vehicle of the lifeforce, a constant reminder that we are more than purely physical beings. We have all observed how easily, how spontaneously, a baby moves and breathes, later the young child seems to tighten up. During the course of our lives, for whatever reasons, we have closed our hearts and cut ourselves off from the love, spiritual aspects of ourselves. This causes blockages in the muscles and restrictions in the energy flowing through the body, which would normally free us to breathe more deeply and feel healthier and more relaxed.

Chronic breathing problems and lung conditions, colds, coughs, heart trouble and chronic tension in the chest, shoulders and upper back, are all too often symptoms of the shielding we have built around our hearts to keep us from experiencing out the emotional stresses, the pain, as sorrows and other feelings we are holding on to. This chronic tension should be a constant reminder that we are holding onto stuff we truly do not need. We are unnecessarily burdening ourselves, not realizing our own love potential.

Of course, this is not the sole cause of tensions and ill-health which may be caused by a number of things including a poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle. However, we feel that enough has been said by way of preliminary explanation and so let us go on to the subject of Telepathic Healing itself.

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