The Manual of Metaphysical Self Defense


This publication delves into the almost unknown world of metaphysical warfare where, unbeknown to the vast apathetic majority, the fate of humanity is being largely determined.  It illustrates the nature of metaphysical attacks and the reality of the resultant stress and strains.  It explains the need for urgent action and indicates how each individual can develop his integrated bodies into a powerful system of defence.

Most people are unaware that there are metaphysical methods for protection against even physical violence, accidents and in many instances ill-health.  This publication contains specific instructions which, if properly followed, will safeguard against many afflictions prevalent in the modern world.  Everyone today, is constantly bombarded with the side effects of technology and with modern innovations which play upon natural emotions to the detriment of the human entity’s wellbeing.

Advertising and sales promotions give rise to desires and urges while political and religious policies engender feelings of apprehension and guilt, all of which tend to undermine the concept of harmony and balance which should be manifested in a wholly integrated individual.  We all live in an environment polluted by fear, noxious noises, unmelodious nerve-devitalising music and by threats of economic collapse.  We no longer feel secure; we are apprehensive about the future amid a deluge of news depicting unrest and violence, military threats and international hostility.

In such circumstances surely it is only prudent to seek whatever protective methods may be available to us and act in our own best interests.  An effective method of metaphysical self-defence relates to the electro-magnetic forcefield which surrounds each and every one of us and, in fact, every living thing – this is what this publication is all about.

We want to emphasise that in this context we do not use the word ‘defence’ negatively, for the methods explained here relate to positive values only, all of which are derived through the development of a powerful, dynamic metaphysical counterpart of the physical human body.  just as an athlete develops muscles and physical stamina through specific exercises and disciplines, so can the personality be made to display the positive concepts of self-confidence, self-reliance and abundant vitality conducive to radiant health.

We live in a state of constant siege, assailed by many kinds of injurious influences ranging from metaphysical contamination down to environmental pollution, afflicted with numerous forms of stress-inducing factors and harassed by psychological salesmanship in various guises.  There are subtle attempts to ‘robotise’ us, programme us by methods which superficially appear to be conducive to our own wellbeing, but which have the effect of making us subservient to forces intent on robbing us of our heritage of individuality.

Not everyone is prepared to accept the proposition that many of the world’s ills stem from the machinations and manipulations of conspiratorial men, nor are we expounding this theory here.  What we ask is that the reader accept that there are in the world today many aspects of what may be called psychological pollution and metaphysical contamination, which are detrimental to the proper development of an integrated and wholesome human individual.

Tension-inducing technology and unbalanced emotional stimulants play a part in detracting from the quality of life.  It may be fairly stated that only a minority live more than a half-existence, the majority settling for something considerably less than their optimum, but which they accept as being satisfactory.

Culdians concern themselves primarily with relationships – relationships with the higher realms, with the natural environment and more important, inter-personal relationships.  We recognise that the world, as it is, is perfect for its purpose and in accord with the Divine Design.  The many problems caused by defective relationships are not meant to be passively accepted, on the contrary they are challenges and tests to be faced and overcome.  It may fairly be stated that the greatest challenge to human individuals during their lifetime, is that of relationships.  Few are equipped to accept and meet it successfully.  Helping them to do so is the major aspect of the Culdian philosophy.

However, this publication, written from a Culdian viewpoint, does not deal specifically with relationships as such, but with the factors which inhibit them, inducing discord and incompatibility.  It concerns itself with the elements of disharmony and practically deals with methods for counteracting them – therefore it is positive and constructive in its effects.

Many people could live congenially with others if they were totally uninfluenced by external things conducive to discord and friction.  This publication is for those who recognise their deficiencies in the face of external pressures and who are willing to rectify these deficiencies, thereby taking positive steps towards enhancing the quality of their individual lives.  It is for those who feel inadequate within themselves, but refuse to be mere driftwood on a sea of influences and affirm their intention to play a decisive role in their inter-relationships.

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