The Problem of Relationships


This publication is quite unique insofar as it approaches a very difficult subject from a completely new angle.  It is often said that there is nothing wrong with the world, the problem is the people in it, but it would be more accurate to say that the problem arises from the relationships between people.

Why should there be so many defective relationships?  Why is their percentage increasing almost daily?  Can anything be done about it?  Modern psychology does not have the answer; relationships were better before the word was coined.  Despite all the counseling services available, all the ‘expertise’, the situation is deteriorating.  Therefore something is radically wrong, some element is missing, a factor not taken into consideration by orthodox thinking.  Delinquency is on the increase, vandalism becomes an ever greater threat, while all aspects of man/woman relationships show a marked deterioration.

In societies where men and women have little say in the choice of a marriage mate, the resulting union is often happy and stable.  There are also societies where bride and groom do not even see each other until the wedding day, yet the records indicate that their prospects of a successful marriage relationship are much greater than our own.  How is it then, that having complete freedom of choice, so many persons in our culture prove themselves either irresponsible or incompetent when choosing a mate?

What attracts the wrong people to each other in the first place?  What happens to the high hopes and aspirations, the dreams and delights of the early days of marriage?  Why do so many marriages simply settle down into a mediocre acceptance of each other or end in the tragedy of a broken home?  Is a de facto relationship better under prevailing circumstances?  What of the children, why are they becoming increasingly difficult?  Are the problems caused by affluence or modern lifestyles?

This booklet endeavours to answer these questions and many more, but the solution to the problem itself will be found only when basic causes are fully understood.  Then and only then, will our improvement be achievable.


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