This publication has made mention of frequencies, particularly as they relate to personality.  This is a complex subject and you may be numbered among the great majority who know little or nothing about it.  We did consider including a section on frequencies, but reflected that whatever we said might tend to further confuse, because the study of frequencies is still in its elementary stages.  Therefore, we decided against it.

Modern science has now concluded that the basis of all physical phenomena, the principle behind creation and all material manifestation, is a harmonic scale related to frequencies, or to use a more archaic term, vibrations.  Everything oscillates or vibrates and these vibrations have now been measured and correlated into what is known as the Cosmic Frequency Scale or Cosmic Harmonic, the spectrum of which covers the whole of material manifestation, embracing everything that is knowable to the senses of human individuals.

Right now, as you are reading this you are surrounded by a seething sea of frequencies related to sound and sight; these frequencies flow not only about you, but also through you.  There is absolutely no way by which they can become knowable to you though your own faculties, but you can prove their existence by simply turning on your radio or television set; this sensitive instrument will bring them into manifestation.  Pack as many people as you like around a radio or television set, it will make no difference, because the frequencies will simply pass through their bodies. The human body cannot receive such frequencies and bring them into manifestation, but a specially built instrument can.

The same applies to frequencies relating to your own being.  They are as real as those received and transmitted through radio and television and can be measured and brought into manifestation through modern scientific instrumentation.  Without such instrumentation they are equally indiscernible.  However, unlike the frequencies of radio and television which are relatively simple, human frequencies are incredibly complex, each individual being a unique seething, intermingled and integrated mass of diverse frequencies.

The subject of frequencies, together with the very latest scientific discoveries in this as yet little know field, is dealt with in some of our other publications which shall be promoted and discussed in due course.

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