There cannot be a good relationship of any kind without a corresponding degree of compatibility.  Here we come across a paradox, because when it comes to a male/female relationship the seemingly compatible are often incompatible.  To understand this fully we must consider what has been said about frequencies.

Although a certain amount of interpersonal friction may be an essential ingredient in the developmental conditions of Earth, it is true to state that human relationships are meant to be harmonious.  If we all lived a wholesome life, in natural conditions, then the problem of relationships would be minimal, but the fact is that we do not and our unnatural social environment is reflected in our relationships.  In a natural state women and men radiate specific frequencies which harmonise with the complementary sex; we should mention that a natural state, in this context, does not refer to anything directly related to Nature or the environment.

The whole cause of human evolution has been characterized by a trend towards differentiation between the sexes, a progress away from uniformity.  As the human race proceeded upward, the differences became more marked.  We are not speaking of the outward appearances only, but also of the emotional, psychological and instinctual differences which, for our purposes, are more important.  This has proceeded in accordance with natural laws and so we may justifiably refer to the state in which these differences are manifested and enhanced, as being the natural one.  Admittedly man has interfered with this process to the extent that men and women have not advanced as equals along the latter part of the civilizing evolutionary path, but this infringement of the natural law has not altered the process.

Despite man’s vaunted achievements Nature is always dominant and mankind unduly interferes with her at its own peril.  So it is that the natural state remains and man and woman radiate frequencies which potentially place them in a compatible state in relation to each other.  To fulfill their lives men need women and women need men in varying degrees, according to their individual make-up.  At the risk of sounding trite, we will say that women emanate frequencies which are predominantly female, while men emanate frequencies which are predominantly male.  There is in fact, quite a difference between a female aura and a male aura.

Every cell of a woman’s body is distinctly female and every cell of a man’s body, distinctly male.  A scientist studying even a drop of blood or a pinpoint of flesh, is able to tell whether it belongs to a male or a female.  Dr De Lacoste of Columbia University has made the discovery that the brains of men and women are physically different and this has been confirmed elsewhere.  Here we must be careful not to jump to the wrong conclusion; nothing in the new discoveries relating to the essential and natural differences between the sexes, the very basic differences, indicates an overall superiority of one sex over the other.  What is shown, however, is that each sex is superior in certain areas and that there is a specialization by both of the sexes in particular fields, each sex having its own aptitudes.

Since the early seventies an increasing body of evidence has proved that the brains of males and females differ in certain fundamental respects.  These differences are so basic that they extend to many forms of mammals other than humans; they may extend to all mammals, but it will be a long time yet before research is able to confirm this.  In females there is more communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, owing to a larger and more bulbous callosum, but this has little to do with an individual’s innate intelligence and mental capabilities.  There are other significant physical differences which we will not elaborate on here.

Suffice to say that the differences are largely in the way that information is screened and processed.  Women seem to have a bias towards picking up information presented in a verbal fashion, while men do this in a visual-spatial way, but once information is selected male and female brains function in the same manner, with the same potential.  However, biology does not determine destiny and the structural differences are not necessarily paramount.  Cultural factors play a big part; also, our genes may determine what sex hormones course through our bodies and these undoubtedly influence our brains.  As Dr De Lacoste states, it is the constant interplay between the genetic potential and our environment that defines our talents and abilities and largely determines what we learn.

The purpose of going into such details is to show that men and women are different in many aspects – biological, physiological, psychological, emotional and mental; therefore there should be no difficulty in understanding why their frequency rates are so different.  These differences, however, do not divide but rather attract because of their mutual compatibility; in fact the natural interplay of frequencies between the sexes is such that there should be no discord at all.  That there is an underlying disharmony is indicative of the extent to which the natural order of things and the proper balance have been distorted.

The frequency rate of women is generally higher than that of men, but we will not confuse you by going into the details of the vibrational bands.  Let us say that if the scale of human personal frequencies ranged from 1 to 100, men would have an average range of 20 to 70 and women 35 to 85.  However, we must keep in mind that the matter is not so easily simplified, because within the broad general frequency bands there are many supplementary or subsidiary bands, each with its own particular scale and it is the combination of these which makes up the overall frequency rate.  It must also be appreciated that only recently has modern science reluctantly accepted the principle of frequencies and considerable research has yet to be done before the position is fully clarified.

Because all the notes on a piano are different, it is possible to produce a tune; likewise it is the differences between the frequency rates of the sexes that bring them into a complementary state of harmony.  The musical scale provides a good analogy for the harmonic frequency scale, because both have principles in common, but let us not get bogged down in technicalities and the mechanisms of personal frequencies.  We will just say that every individual has a frequency rate which is relevant only to him or her; no two are ever alike.  The personal frequency rate of individuals is as unique to them as are their fingerprints.  There is never any duplication, but just as fingerprints fall into a number of classifications, so are frequencies grouped in harmonic bands.

All this may sound very technical and mechanistic, while human relationships are deeply personal things, one may well wonder at the connection between these facts.  The logical explanation is that an individual’s frequency rate is intimately related to and integrated with, his or her personality, the two go hand in hand.  Modify the frequency rate and the personality is altered, alter the personality and the frequency rate is modified.  So whether you speculate that it is personalities which harmonise or clash with one another, or that it is frequencies which do so, the outcome is the same.

Male frequencies are associated with maleness and female frequencies with femaleness, and it is acknowledged that there is a certain amount of femaleness in men and maleness in women.  Without this adjustment there would be either excessive masculinity or excessive femininity, both of which would lead to a degree of grotesqueness.  So Nature, in her wisdom, has established a balance, a norm within the bounds of which the interplay of frequencies is conducive to harmonious relationships.

However, something has happened over the last generation or so, which has thrown this out of gear as it were.  A form of distortion which began to develop during the previous generation, has gained momentum in this one, so that there is increasing friction and disharmony in the male/female relationships.  This distortion has been characterized by a drift into sexual uniformity and Nature abhors uniformity; men are becoming more feminine and women more masculine and the consequence is that where there should be harmony there is discord.  Because personalities, frequencies, are becoming too alike they clash instead of blending harmoniously.

During this time women’s struggle for equality with men has reached its peak and although we are fully in accord with whatever is conducive to making the sexes equal in rights, status and privileges, we deplore the fact that equality has become confused with uniformity and the natural evolutionary drive towards differentiation has been confounded.  We take this stance because although equality of itself in no way interferes with the natural frequency balance, uniformity, which means an increasing maleness in women and femaleness in men, does.  There is no reason whatsoever why women cannot be considered equal with men, while at the same time retaining their essential femininity and no reason why men cannot accept women on an equal footing, without losing some of their masculinity.

So now we have the crux of the matter, men and women cannot properly relate to one another because they are confused about their own identities.  Their modified personalities are no longer capable of harmonisation within an intersexual context.  So the family circle becomes infected with the marital discord which is the outcome; children, confused about family roles, either rebel or become apathetic.  Such children are hardly capable of forming proper relationships themselves and the situation has the potential for compounding itself down through the generations.  This state of affairs has caused us considerable concern.   If even a small nucleus of people who can relate properly in a family situation can be maintained, there will be hope.  Let us not deprive our children of their heritage, their birthright – a future free of unnecessary discord.

If we know the cause of anything and recognize it for what it is, then we are half way to a solution of its effects and that applies in this instance.  What has to be done is to bring the scales back into balance taking care, when doing so, to ensure that we retain all that is good and eliminate only that which is manifestly detrimental.  It is unfortunate that the cultural climate and social pressures, the prevailing legislative mood, the mind-manipulating mass media and the money mad entertainment industry, are all pandering to a destructive uniformity.  Alternatively they promote attitudes which scorn the values that have served mankind well throughout the long upward struggles of the civilizing centuries.

Yet there is hope because already we are witnessing a backlash, by women, against the pressures which seek to deprive them of their feminine and maternal characteristics and make them into pathetic imitations or reflections of men.  Likewise, there is a movement afoot which is conducive to the formulation of a new male image, one acceptable to womankind and more in accord with Nature’s intent.  The caricatures of manhood promoted by the entertainment industry to fill its coffers, are already becoming the subject of womanly derision.  These are healthy signs, but although they augur well for the future they are of little help to those whose lives are now in upheaval because of defective relationships.

Of course we cannot attribute all defective marital relationships to a confusion of sexual roles, many other factors have to be taken into account, but we can say, in a general way, that frequency disharmony is the cause of a considerable amount of domestic discord.  This brings us to something even more difficult to understand – paradoxical compatibility – which may be interpreted, if you like, as a delusion of compatibility.  Here, beneath the superficial compatibility is an underlay of disharmony and understandably this can cause real problems.

We have already mentioned that the frequency rates of men and women normally operate in different scales or bands, but what is happening is that they are becoming more alike and like frequencies repel like.  Because of the distortions which have upset the natural balances and the complexity of the many factors involved, a situation has arisen where a man and a woman who in the normal course would be aware of their incompatibility, believe they are compatible.  It should be fairly obvious that where there is a distortion in the normal (or rather natural, for normality in this context can be misleading) ratio between maleness and femaleness, there will also be a distortion of the insight and an inability to select a compatible mate.

This is what we see happening in society today.  Men and women, lacking any sense of proper discrimination when selecting a mate, tend to choose one whose attributes, while seemingly compatible with their own nature, actually compound their degree of frequency imbalance.  In other words and to put it simply, men and women are drawn towards the wrong partners.  That their partner is wrong for them is something they cannot discern because the natural and inherent protective devices or faculties are not operating properly.  They are attracted by a delusive form of compatibility which is so strong that nothing can convince them that they are making a wrong choice.  However, this appearance of compatibility is transient and eventually they become aware of the fact that they have made a mistake; then, when the blinkers are removed from their eyes, their troubles start.

Frequencies underlie all reality, but their study is so recent that only a minority will be able to fully comprehend the significance of what is being said.  When radio was in its infancy, few people were able to understand how sound impulses could be transmitted on particular waves and, as they could not experience them in any way at all without a radio receiver, many refused to believe they existed.  Yet these invisible waves, which right now are surging all about you and penetrating through you, have become acceptable to all.  The same applies to frequencies; when people begin to understand their application they will become as acceptable as radio waves.

Putting aside the question of frequencies for a moment let us simply consider the interplay of personalities as they relate to what has already been said.  Irrespective of whether it is caused by frequency disharmony, paradoxical compatibility does exist and the problem of relationships still remains.  Therefore, even looking at it from a superficial level, if we accept that the problem of incompatibility is an increasingly evident one, we still have to find a cause.  So frequencies aside, may not the blurring of the sexual roles of itself play a significant part?

Here it should be noted that a lot of research has been done in this particular aspect of relationships, which either substantiates or indicates that in marital relationships where there is a confusion as to sexual identity or roles, there is also discord and incompatibility.  It is true that in cases where a masculine woman has married an effeminate man, there is often evidence of a strange compatibility, nevertheless the relationship is far from fulfilling.  True statistics in this area are hard to come by and the little we have may be open to question, but reports from workers in this field do provide a reasonable guideline.

One statistic is beyond question:  that is that ‘liberated’ women find it virtually impossible to enter into a good marriage relationship, although it has been found that where a man is inclined to subordinate his masculine qualities and become dominated, a reasonable working relationship has been established.  Of course, in the area of ‘women’s lib’ we must not be too dogmatic because this covers a wide spectrum, from the vociferous lesbian who is more ‘anti-men’ than ‘pro-women’ at one end, to the truly feminine woman who genuinely seeks to enhance the status of women at the other.  However, even the latter seems to be tackling the problem wrongly and it is undeniable that as the various women’s movements grew so did the status of women decline in the eyes of men, so that today there is little left of the respect and consideration that women once regarded as their due.

Three generations ago schoolboys were taught the three C’s in relation to women:  chivalry, courtesy and consideration and certainly men brought up in that tradition seemed to have better marital relationships.  When women, quite justifiably, rebelled and threw out many of the age old restraints and prejudices, they also effectively disposed of the three C’s and for this they can blame the anti-man faction of feminism.

Statistically the most stable and most satisfying marital relationship is one where the traditional values are enshrined and where the sexual roles are clearly defined.  However, this entails qualities which many people, today, do not possess and attitudes which they refuse to adopt, such as responsibility and an orientation away from the pure self-concern.  The average modern young man or woman is anything but a good marriage mate, therefore it would not be untrue to state that most marriages in the future will be foredoomed.  If we were asked what is most needed for curing society of its ills, we would unhesitatingly say, good parenting.  This is a quality which is lacking in most young people and of course the thing least on the mind of young couples prior to marriage is their partner’s parenting potential.  Yet this is what families are all about.

Surveys have been carried out in the United States and the United Kingdom, among teenagers who were questioned as to the qualities they would look for in an intended spouse.  The results were quite alarming because only a small minority listed the qualities that were conducive to a good marriage and marital stability.  Thirty two percent of the women and twenty seven percent of the men stated that they had a higher regard for the qualities that made for a good boyfriend or girlfriend, than for those which made for a good husband or wife, but less than half said they would marry someone with those qualities.  So it seems that paradoxical incompatibility is not due entirely to frequencies, psychological and social conditioning also play a significant part in this phenomenon.  So let us take a look at how this conditioning comes about.

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