The Vulnerability of Sensitives

Because of an increasing general interest in psychic matters and a greater amount of dabbling in the occult it is not out of place, here, to issue a word of warning.  Sensitives, as those with metaphysical (psychic) powers are generally called, seem to be particularly prone to defective relationships and this may be wondered at when such people often display amazing powers which ought to be indicative of balance and harmony.

Unfortunately there is an above average amount of mental disorder and distress in these Sensitives and it is this which causes so many people to conclude that the whole field of psychic research and phenomena is evil and harmful.  What has to be made clear is that it is not the field of research itself that causes the trouble, but the fact that the mediums, or Sensitives, are often inadequate to deal with its aspects.

Psychic sensitivity is often a natural gift or it may have been developed, but where it results from development it must be asserted that the form of developmental method used is not defective.  If development has taken place without the complementary protective measures, a person can be thrown completely out of balance, the ‘development’ bringing about problems, or accentuating defects which may have been latent.  The imbalance manifests mostly in the area of personal relationships.

As we are unable to deal with such a complex subject in this small book, we do urge ‘psychics’ to write to the Publishers who will supply details of the various forms of help available.

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