What Are We?

Obviously, superficially we are flesh, bone, blood and many other components the whole of which, when enlivened, make up a living human being.  We also have a mind and consciousness which, in some way, are associated with this material mass, the latter being compounded of chemical elements.  In fact, the whole of the human body can be reduced to a mere handful of common earthly elements, nothing else is demonstrable and no unknown quantity discernible.  However, when examining the chemical more closely, what do we find?  We discover that the elements are themselves composed of molecules and atoms, these being made up of still smaller components – the electrons; but our exploration is not at an end, for now we learn that the electrons, in turn, are made up of what can best be described as a form of energy and this is an important discovery.

We will not delve further into this aspect here, nor describe the manner in which the immaterial energy which is the ultimate base of a human being’s physical body, relates to the mind and consciousness.  This is fully gone into in other literature.  The point we are making here is that the human body, in which personality and consciousness reside is much more than it appears to be superficially.  Keeping in mind that the physical body, when reduced to the basic ultimate, is not material at all, let us take a look at what may be called the non-material, but materially manifested aspects of a human body.

We have mentioned atoms and these are held in a state of stability by a particular form of energy which we will not name or describe here lest this confuse you.  We will say, however, that it is the interplay of this energy and another form of energy also generated within the human body, which causes life to manifest.  Now, everything expressing itself in physical form, from the most distant star down to the smallest atom in a human being, is in a state of vibrational radiation.  Were this not so things would be unknowable to us.  These emanations interact with others, so that all things, within the physical universe, are interconnected, thus there is a relationship between them.  Nothing whatsoever can exist in isolation from all else, relationship and relativity are two fundamentals of creation.

We have no intention of going into the nature of reality in a small booklet such as this, as the subject is fully expounded in our teachings.  Because of the sensory limitations placed upon our apprehension of reality, the vast majority of people accept, as reality, only a fairly narrow range of perceptions and this results mainly from an instinctive response originating in a system of sensory logic reinforced by educational conditioning.  We tend to accept only that which we consider to be within the perimeters of our own believed possibilities; all that falls into this area is unquestionable accepted as fact while anything outside it, is rejected.  The machinery of living is so manipulated that it runs smoothly and efficiently and rarely are there any questions arising as to its accuracy.

What we ask you to accept here, is that the whole human being consists of very much more than its material parts, but for the purpose of this publication we need deal with only a few facets of this immaterial nature.  We know that certain energies are generated in the body and manifest in the nervous system, the muscles, brain, various other organs and so on and that these energies seem to be related to electricity.  In fact, in its operation the human body may be described as being in some way analogous to an electrical apparatus.

All living matter is composed of cells which vibrate, that is emit frequencies or radiations.  Because such cells make up the mass of the human body, an individual may be likened to a radio broadcasting station or communicating system, although very much more sensitive and complex.  Each of us has his or her own individual harmonic balance and as long as this can be maintained we remain happy and healthy, in a state of wholesomeness, but because of our sensitivity we are easily affected by external and internal influences which come within the band or spectrum of our receptivity.  All human beings fall within that band.

Conditions in our bodies are governed by our own frequencies, by those from other persons and also those from the earth and beyond it.  So we live in a sea of frequencies which are either harmonious or discordant and to maintain our equilibrium we need to harmonise the frequencies of our own body with those around us that are beneficial, at the same time protecting ourselves against those that are harmful.  When this is done all goes well and we remain in balance, but as soon as this balance is disturbed or altered, then a morbid condition of some kind is created.

We resonate, to a greater or lesser degree, with the things with which we have an affinity.  To illustrate our meaning, imagine a number of iron bars of various sizes, hanging from cords.  Now if we strike one with a hammer we will notice, if we touch the other iron bars, that some will vibrate while others will not.  Those which do vibrate in attunement with the bar that is struck are said to be in resonance with one another.  The same principle can be seen in the strings of a piano.  If the ‘C’ note is played in a particular octave then the ‘C’ strings of other octaves will be seen to be vibrating also, but other notes, even those in the same octave and adjacent to the note struck, will not be affected.  Keep these principles of frequencies, harmony and resonance in mind.

We have mentioned electricity and although this is a power not extensively utilized it is still elusive, its real nature remaining a mystery.  However, science has established that it is much more widely distributed than previously thought and in fact we can say that it is all-pervading.  This does not mean that it is evenly spread, far from it, and even in human beings there is a diversity, both of quantity and quality, young virile males demonstrating the greatest amounts and the elderly who are in poor health showing the least measurement.  Now, knowing this, conceive of every person as being a mass of energy which emanates out in the form of radiations.

Remember that this electromagnetism varies in quality and quantity and that this variation depends upon individual frequency pulsations radiating out in all directions.  It will then follow that we are receiving, from every person with whom we have a form of relationship, electromagnetic radiations of a very subtle nature, which influences us.  It equally follows that every one of these persons receives electromagnetic energy from us, according to his or her individual nature.  This interchange of energies is perfectly natural and in fact is essential for our wellbeing; lacking it we would suffer as much as would someone deprived of the essential vitamins, though, of course, in quite a different manner.  Both deprivations are equally subtle in their effect on the health economy of human beings.

Calling this subtle force ‘electromagnetism’ is something of a misnomer, but we are using this expression here because not all readers will be familiar with the Culdian nomenclature which describes it more precisely.  In harmonious relationships there is a normal exchange, or interplay, of this magnetism which is intensely stimulating and beneficial to those who receive and those who give.  When this circuit is broken it will produce a negative or deleterious effect which can be rectified only by its restoration.  Many factors can influence this interchange and prejudice the relationship.

The relationship between a mother and young child well illustrates these aspects of magnetic influence.  It is now well established that a young child will not thrive without care and protective personal love and there is no real substitute for the love provided by responsible and affectionate parents.  Certainly good surrogate parents are better than bad natural ones, but it has been found that something more than love and care is required; there is another element which researchers have been unable to define, but which we know relates to frequency harmonics.

So, for the purpose of this work only, conceive of each individual human being as something akin to a radio receiving and transmitting station which, instead of receiving frequencies over a fairly limited band, receives over a large spectrum and transmits also over a wide frequency range.  The frequencies of individuals will either be compatible, that is they will harmonise, or they will clash, causing discord.  Of course, this is never cut and dried, black or white, there are all kinds of variations and permutations which have to be taken into consideration.

You will probably have heard the description ‘a magnetic personality’ and this saying indicates that older generations recognized the truth of the matter.  However, an excess of electromagnetism is not always desirable.  Quite often the ‘magnetic personality’ finds difficulty in harmonizing, although he or she will certainly be able to dominate and influence people, but that person is not always desirable as a mate.

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