An Introduction to Spirituality


There are many misconceptions as to what constitutes spirituality which all too often becomes confused with Religion.  As this handbook will show, ‘religiousness’ is one thing, spirituality is another.

 Irrespective of religious beliefs, or of the lack of them, we live in times when it is important for the average person to understand the true significance of spirituality.  Is it a valid concept?  Does it have any part to play in modern life and thought?  Is a religious person necessarily spiritual?  Should we ‘shop around’ for the best religion?  Is there a ‘New Age’ religion?  Can there be a Universal Religion?

These are questions which many people have in the back of their minds and for which they seek answers.  The confusion surrounding the relationship of Religion and spirituality is delusive and unhealthy, therefore this informative publication has real value.  However, like so much else the value is not there unless some effort is expended to avail oneself of it. 

We are entering an era where the positive energies of truly spiritualised people will contend with the negative energies of materialism and mind-manipulating.  At last the antagonists, in the decisive days between the past and the future, have come forth to declare themselves.  It is important for all of us to know where we stand and this publication defines the issues, so clearer and better decisions can be made.

Spiritual people are needed as never before because they have a very important role to play at this time – the hinge of life.  We stand on the threshold, before the portal of the Celestial Age, and can aspire to capabilities incomprehensible to past generations.  To go through the portal requires one last supreme effort – the conquest of the tests and challenges of true spirituality. 

This handbook could be called ‘A Manual for Spiritual Leaders’ because one intent is to inspire and prepare those with leadership qualities to come forward and play their part in fulfilling the destiny of the world.  Polluted and abused Earth cries out for champions on her behalf, while a bewildered humanity waits for spiritual men and women to take up the mantle of leadership and guide it to its spiritual home over the horizon.  To such people this work is dedicated.


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