The Aspirant (1)

The path of spirituality begins at the point where the Aspirant makes a conscious and sustained effort to awaken the great potential latent in him.  He takes himself in hand, cultivating the desirable qualities that are lacking and resolving to gain mastery over himself.  The effort is towards remoulding his personality, his aim being The Mastery of Life.

The first thing the Aspirant on the Soulpath learns is to know himself.  The ancient admonition to all neophytes was “Know Thyself” and this still holds good today.  In analyzing himself the Aspirant discovers his weaknesses and having done this the next step is to start to overcome them.  The initial instructions provided relate to self-discipline which is all important, without it the whole thing is futile.  Character grows under the control of self-discipline.

The student aspiring to spirituality is taught to view himself as a complete composite unit of the cosmos – its replica in miniature; in other words, a microcosm of the macrocosm.  As he gains insights into his own nature the Aspirant sees where he fits into the overall picture.  He begins to comprehend the true meaning of individuality and how it relates to the basic laws of the system.  He learns that this individuality has to be subordinated to something greater than self, if it is to develop in accordance with the Great Plan.  Also, that individual development must conform to a pattern dictated by cosmic requirements.  He must enlarge his intellectual understanding of the cosmic whole and come to grips with the universal laws, and he must not overlook the realms of Nature.  He will be a walking question mark, continually seeking and absorbing knowledge, but in doing so he will recognise the limitations of human intellectual enquiry.  However, as he journeys along the path he will discover the sources of knowledge and realise that vast reservoirs of wisdom are available.

As no Aspirant can travel the Soulpath as an individual wayfarer, it is essential that he join with others on the same Quest; therefore one hurdle to be faced is the selection of the right organisation.  ‘Organisation’ is the operative word because the Creator of the universe is, above all else, a perfect organiser.  The macrocosm displays perfection in organisation and consistency with which the Aspirant on the path has to be in correspondence.  It is through this correspondence that the student learns the meaning of cohesiveness and the interlocking principles holding the macrocosm and the microcosm in a homogenous unit.

There will be continual tests and challenges along the way, relating to the ability to work harmoniously with others.  One challenge is to be able to reach out beyond a life wrapped up in self-concern and to subordinate it to some worthy objective; for this purpose a group or organisation is ideal.  In the area of co-ordination with others the difficulties which will be experienced cannot be underestimated.  Once the Aspirant has passed the tests he will be prepared for tasks which would have been incomprehensible in the early stages. 

The lack of harmony in a group is a sign of under development, of immaturity and metaphysical weakness.  However, as progress is made along the soulpath, with greater knowledge of human nature and the awakening to the realities of life, the inability to co-operate and merge one’s interests with those of others for the Greater Good, will disappear.  Then community of effort, compatible companionship and mutual accord will replace what is now so widely spread in our society – fragmentation of effort.  Where there is a divergence of effort in any grouping there will be found the seed of dissolution.  All who read this should take it to heart, for it clarifies various puzzling things and explains the lack of success in many worthy enterprises. 

All on the Soulpath are at first instructed by earthly teachers; they later graduate to instruction from discarnate Masters.  These Masters discern progress through the auras of their pupils and they are able to proceed with their instructions according to the stage of development of Aspirants.  The more brilliant the aura the higher the degree of spirituality.  The Masters seek particular people throughout the world, who have incarnated at this time in the history of Earth for a specific purpose – to undertake the work of linking up the two planes of existence (the physical and the astral) and to lay down instructions for entry into The Celestial Age.

Today a grave threat hangs over our planet.  Those on the other side of life have not ignored events on Earth and there is an intensified effort to train Aspirants who can play an effective part in world affairs.  Not only is there an intensifying of teaching by discarnate Masters, but suitable Aspirants are being subjected to an inflow of particularly strong frequencies.  This does involve some risk but the needs of the time have to be met. 

As we have said, the brilliance of an Aspirant’s aura is an indication of his degree of spirituality, this is a metaphysical fact.  What is not generally known is that auras do not only radiate light, they also emit what may be loosely described as a ‘tone’, not actually a sound but something falling halfway between light and sound.  We have no word to describe it, our language is inadequate, but those more advanced along the soulpath will know what is meant.  Clarity of colour and purity of tone indicate an Aspirant well on the way. 

What applies here is the law of affinity and the higher the frequency rating the higher will be the teacher in spirit.  Of course there is a change of teachers as we progress.  Remember the ancient adage, ‘When the pupil is ready the Master will come’.  If the right frequency spectrum is built up and the individual is properly balanced and attuned to the highest key, then the law of affinity decrees that the appropriate Master will be attracted.  The Aspirant’s attitude towards development and his motivation are very important elements.  A true Aspirant seeks development not for self-centered reasons but with the intent of serving humankind.  He will be faithful to his role as Deputy of God on Earth and steward of His earthly estates.

To fulfill the objectives of Mastership the lower aspects of personality have to be subordinated to the dictates of the higher.  One must learn to comprehend the nature of group work and its desirability in development.  The vast majority of people perceive themselves as a hub around which all else revolves, but the true Aspirant extends his centre of interest from himself to a group. 

Spirituality teaches the relative insignificance of the individual human being, yet, paradoxically, it also teaches his great importance.  The problem here, which most Aspirants have to face, is how to maintain a proper balance.  Right perspectives and a sense of proportion are necessary before the wayfarer on the soulpath can see things as they really are.  Therefore, an Aspirant should join a group which teaches the nature of reality and what is meant by ‘set’, so he can understand his own attitudes, those of others and how people react to one another. 

Those aspiring to spirituality have an acute sense of beauty in all its manifestations.  Yes, again paradoxically, form is something which causes little emotional reaction.  Aspirants work with forces, with power, and recognise that they are force centres within a Great Force Centre.  There is little desire to channel energies for personal reasons, and the paramount consideration is the use of energies for the benefit of the group.  The discerning Aspirant quickly recognises that there is an overshadowing power energizing the individuals within his group, which binds them into a coherent and homogeneous whole.  He should seek to develop a high degree of receptivity through specific exercises which place him in a state of resonance or in correspondence with the higher energies. 

We have said that lifestyles are important, so when choosing a suitable group for development particular attention must be paid to its attitudes and teachings on lifestyle.  Worry or care, negativity and depression are not things which cause difficulties for an Aspirant, for he puts them aside, knowing that they are merely a response to frequencies originating in a lower band of the spectrum.  Of course this does not mean the putting aside of responsibilities or obligations.  It is important that the latter be cheerfully undertaken.  The working off of karmic debts must also be carried out in the same spirit.  There are teachings which tend to adopt a fatalistic attitude towards kharma, but the Aspirant knows that passive acceptance of it is wrong.  Only by taking a positive stance towards the dictates of kharma can we discharge our debts.  Those who resign themselves to it will only have these debts compounded, and karmic debits will outweigh the karmic credits.

When it comes to lifestyle and ethical behavior Aspirants have the obligation to set an example.  Now, it may be easy to do this when following the precepts of a religion where precise and basic behavioural prescriptions are laid down.  It is not so easy for those who have outgrown religion and are into spirituality, for the spiritual person has to display a higher degree of ethical behavior and a more harmonious lifestyle.  This is as it should be; it is one of the challenges confronting the Aspirant.

The true Aspirant has expanded the periphery of his awareness.  He is transmuting his consciousness from concentration on the personal to the impersonal.  He is prepared to meet ever increasing degrees of challenge and to face one trial after another.  He takes it all in his stride and endures whatever life sends.

During the early transitional stages there may be strained relationships, because relatives, close associates and others may react adversely to the changes which are taking place.  This is not necessarily that the others are unsympathetic, it is just that something unfamiliar has crept into the Aspirant’s life, a higher rate of frequency, so what is experienced is a clash of frequencies.  Also the difficulties are compounded because of the struggle between the higher and lower selves; all Aspirants are familiar with this problem in the early stages of development.

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