The Aspirant (2)

Some Aspirants mistakenly neglect their physical body, and this cannot be done with impunity.  The wellbeing and perfecting of the physical body is by no means an unworthy goal; one aim in this life should be the production of a thought pattern which will ensure a superior body in a subsequent incarnation.  What is more, no one can achieve The Mastery of Life without a proper balance between the physical, mental and spiritual. 

One of the things which have to be brought under conscious control is speech.  The tongue should never be allowed to run recklessly, which is all too often the case.  Let your speech be considered, guard every word; always be aware of what is being said and why.  Never place yourself in the position where you suffer regret for something said.  Words once spoken are beyond recall and one can always say too much but never too little.  Those unable to control their tongue will never be able to attune with a high spiritual Teacher.  The true Aspirant never wastes time in idle chatter, and gossip is beyond his ken.  He knows that the tongue is the great betrayer which can lure into pitfalls or push into a corner. 

There is a great power in words properly spoken; apart from what they are intended to convey, something in their intonation can influence the hearer.  The mystery schools mention ‘words of power’ and there has always been a belief that the use of certain words, or sounds, can have a very profound effect.  This is something which Aspirants learn as they progress.

The one who quests along the soulpath must bear provocation with fortitude.  However, he must never be silent when Truth and Good are threatened, nor be reluctant to speak against Evil.  He keeps in mind that what is not condemned is condoned, and silence often condones much which should be condemned.  The Aspirant is ever ready to recognise his obligation to uplift the thoughts of others.  He wastes no energy in demonstrations of sorrow, but is always prepared to help others and lighten their burden.

The Aspirant travels the soulpath with a light heart.  He will be very careful in his handling of Love, keeping in mind that as humankind progresses the Love element between man and woman, and its sexual expression, will ever be translated into higher planes of manifestation.  To experience True Love in fullness requires transcending the lower nature.  There is an interaction between spirituality and Love, for one cannot exist in fullness without the other.  One of the attributes of spirituality is the ability to bestow True and Pure Love which has stood the tests of life.  For life is designed to, first give birth to Love, then to nurture it and ultimately, through tempering touches, to bring it into flowering perfection.  Those who are partners in True Love are Givers in every sense of the word.  They give each other a Love that rejoices when there is a response but does not anticipate it; a Love that is steadfast, exclusive and profound.  This Love is such that it endures through separation, for the partners know that ultimately each will find the affinitive home where there will be at-one-ment. 

We have said that the soulpath travelled by the Aspirant is beset by pitfalls and hazards.  There are tests all along the way and difficulties are encountered at every turn.  Yet in the treading of the path with steadfastness, in the surmounting of challenges and in a single-hearted adherence to the wellbeing of the associated group, comes the strength to carry on.  Not to be overlooked is the necessity to pay proportionate attention to the individuals within the chosen group and their collective evolutionary development, for this, too, is essential to the attainment of the goal.  The goal we refer to here is that of probationary Master, which is all that can be attained under an earthly instructor.  The probationary Master serves to set an example and to stimulate others.  He knows the great potential in human beings and seeks always to bring out the best in his associates.  Because he has been able to rise above the difficulties consequent on working with a group of individuals he is able to provide the leadership all too often lacking.  Having others united with him he is much better placed to serve as God’s deputy on Earth and to further the Divine Plan. 

Aspirants are people set apart.  Each must be prepared to endure loneliness and be able to rise above the empty feeling of isolation, even though this may be mitigated by association with a group.  This isolation within a group arises from the fact that most of the members will not be on the same frequency (even where all are Aspirants not all will be capable of making the full journey).  The isolation will be lessened in groups where there is a greater emphasis on the metaphysical aspects of life than on the material aspects.

The lonely feelings, inseparable from the demands of development, have to be surmounted and as this is done there will be closer contacts with others in the group on the same frequency level.  It has been observed that through the harmonisation of these contacts a karmic linkage is established.  It is a fact that the best method for working through karma is through group association, and if one thinks about it the reasons are obvious.

It is noted, too, that as development takes place Aspirants increasingly display leadership qualities and tend to form their own group within the overall group.  Here great prudence is required, so that there is no schism, the one thing that must not be done is to cause fragmentation.  Of course, an Aspirant outside a group, who has no group loyalties or group obligations, will inevitably either associate with an established group or form a group of his own.  This happens as he approaches the higher stages of development.  No Aspirant has ever completed the journey alone.  This is something little understood by beginners on the path, many of whom are still at the stage where they consider individualisation the all-important quality.  The cultivation of individuality is of course necessary, but it has to take place within an appropriate framework. 

As the Aspirant progresses he begins to understand the meaning of ‘set’, of opposites and of balance.  He realises that progression through life is a continuing series of choices made and decisions taken.  We make our lives what they are, according to whether our choices are wise or foolish.

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