The Challenge to Spirituality

As the New Age is a period of transition it is natural enough that there should be a variety of concepts, philosophies and lifestyles, and not all aspects of New Age thought are reprehensible.  However, in general New Age philosophies are not conducive to family stability, truly loving relationships, responsibility and genuine spirituality.  That is why, at this point in time, the promotion of True Spirituality is all important.  As we get deeper into the new era there is a growing, healthy tendency towards an awareness of the prevailing weaknesses and fallacies which should have no place in it, and so perhaps this transition period is also one of transmutation from the dross of the present to the gold of the future.

The needs of the times call for the attention and united efforts of truly spiritual people.  These will have transcended ‘religiousness’ and yet, because human nature is as it is, they will have to operate in a religious context if they are to coordinate the efforts of the people.  The concept of spirituality which reaches out beyond and above religion is something many are unable to grasp, therefore the task will be far from easy.  It is complicated by the claims and counter-claims of those befuddled within the illusive clouds of pseudo-spirituality.  Also by the doctrinal clashes of religious sects, each of which claims that what it sees through the narrow theological tunnel of its restricted perspective is the right interpretation.   

Much is written today about a ‘new order’, a one world government,’ and this concept would be very appealing were such order or government composed of leaders who were fully spiritualised.  However, in the race for domination through a one world government the disordered ranks of Good have fallen well behind and those who have taken over and are now way ahead and almost home, are conspiratorial manipulators with very questionable intentions. 

So the call is for men and women with a clear understanding of True Spirituality who will rise to the challenge of the times in the service of misguided humanity.  They will be true leaders, people who recognise the essential differences between leadership and dictatorship.  They will be wise and discriminating, separating the Takers from the Givers and the spiritually superior from the spiritually inferior.  They will hold the ideal of a renewed humanity reaching out towards godhood.  They will superior individuals who will not be influenced by egotistic concepts of such superiority and who will bear the burdens of government valiantly, setting the right examples and providing the proper encouragement.  There will be no alienation of the spiritually inferior, for that is not the way of True Spirituality. 

The prevailing attitudinal climate is towards a uniformity which brings all down to the lowest denominator, whereas in a spiritualised society the aim would be towards the highest.  The whole creative impulse is away from uniformity and towards complexity.  The new leaders will be well aware of this.  One of the most de-spiritualising aspects of the uniformity syndrome is that of the sexual uniformity now being propagated; the emphasis should be on the sexual differences.  Unfortunately the mass of people tend to confuse uniformity with equality.  Sexual equality, yes; sexual uniformity, no. 

The objective of this handbook is to stimulate those with an understanding of True Spirituality into active participation in the present tide of events.  What is required is people who have been through the crucible of group activity and have learnt to harmonise with others.  A good leader must first be a good follower.  Those whose egos have prevented them from ‘fitting in’ as followers in a group situation are not suitable as leaders in a drive towards Spirituality.  The potential of leadership qualities can be found in some groups, but to awaken these qualities requires complete dedication to the philosophy and unifying principles of the group.  Without this no group can hold together.  Such philosophy or set of principles should not be self-formulated, this has proved satisfactory only in very few instances.  A book specifically oriented towards the concepts of Spirituality mentioned herein provides the ideal philosophy and nucleus of principles upon which a spiritually based group could be founded.  At the same time it frees the group from any outside pressures or interference.  It is ideal for the independent group seeking something to hold it in solidarity. 

Such a book is ‘The Teachings of Celestina’, and whether or not you are intending to use it for the purposes mentioned it is a publication well worth reading and studying.  It can be obtained from the Publishers to whom all enquiries regarding anything arising out of the teachings provided should be addressed. The Publishers are a non-profit-making registered Charitable Trust whose only interest is the desire to see True Spirituality propagated in the world today.  No pecuniary benefit is derived by anyone concerned with the production of this publication, the only inducement being the wish to serve the common Good of humanity. 


           “In the dire days of the end of the age

                                                There will emerge a leader of leaders,

                                                The head of a circle of men and women,

                                                The teachings of whom shall spread out

                                                Like the ripples over the surface of

                                                A pond, to embrace all the land.

                                                May the Good Lord speed his coming.”


                                                                                    (The Prophecies of Mother Croker)

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