The Mastery of Life

Several books are now circulating relating to ‘Superbeings’, to men and women who have developed their metaphysical potentialities to a very marked degree.  Previously such people were referred to as ‘Masters’ and were generally regarded as having phenomenal psychic powers.  Nowadays there is less emphasis on such powers and more on the super psychological capacities which have been developed.  We still use the traditional designation, ‘Masters of Life’, ‘Superbeings’ seeming to designate beings out of this world, although people are becoming accustomed to the expression. 

What has been said previously will indicate the nature of the path the Aspirant treads as he journeys towards the Mastery of Life.  A Master is one who has risen above the demands of destiny and has cut through the threads of fate, so that he is no longer enmeshed in its web.  Although the decrees of fate may not always be obviated, they no longer dominate, for the Master takes control.

Down through the ages there has been an awareness of ‘Masters’ of one kind or another, generally associated with some Arcane Order, Secret Society or Esoteric Teaching.  The Masters referred to were all, each in his own way, Masters of Life.  There is, of course, a tradition of discarnate Masters, but we are not referring to them here.  They are quite different, although they have at one time been incarnate Masters. 

The higher teachings tell us that the entire universe is energy and that this energy is pure mind-energy individualised in human beings.  It is the source of superphysical powers, and those who know how to manipulate it are rapidly evolving towards undreamed of potentialities.  They are the true Masters of Life who demonstrate what we can and must become, for this is a stage on the road to our destiny.  Only by a conscious link-up with the all pervading power can the individual tread the path successfully. 

A new, superior type of human beings is emerging which will lead us through the pitfalls and delusions of the New Age into a Celestial Dimension.  Most people today are unaware of this transition, yet the process is under way and out of the social conflicts and chaos of our time will raise a new humanity.  The Masters of Life are becoming more active in their bid to stimulate the great mass and to uplift its consciousness.  There are men and women who are in such an advanced stage of development that they are experiencing fewer and fewer limitations of mind and body.  These spiritualised people are on the verge of grasping health, success, Love and power in unlimited forms.  Having developed the healing power inherent in all they are able to maintain their bodies in perfect health.  Because of the efficient management of their affairs success smiles at them and their profound understanding of what constitutes True Love transforms their personal life, so they are able to enjoy abundant life, which is indeed the will of God.

Spirituality teaches that the human individual is a spiritual being, possessing all the powers inherent in the spiritual universe, an individualised fragment of the Almighty.  Once we realise our true identity we are on the road towards the Mastery of Life, towards dominion over the whims of fate.

In times past Masters of Life were not in the forefront of world affairs because that was not intended.  They operated behind the scenes, except in rare occurrences, when a special intervention was needed.  Now the time has come for Masters to manifest as spiritual leaders, as enlighteners of the people.  Instead of emerging in isolation they will come in groups and will no longer be rarities.  In the coming Celestial Age the world will be under the rule of Spiritual Masters, and we fervently say, with heart and Soul, “Speed the day”.

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