The Soulpath

All who seek to reach out beyond the confines of sectarian religion, beyond restrictive doctrinal concepts, and who cultivate spiritual qualities, can be said to be Pilgrims on a Quest.  The Quest, or Soulpath, once called The Grail, is now known as The Mastery of Life.  The Seeker or Quester is known as an Aspirant, one who aspires to awaken the super-physical potential latent in human individuals and to cultivate it through spirituality.  Having attained this goal the Aspirant becomes a Master of Life. 

All who travel through life are pilgrims on a path, but Aspirants are Knights questing for the earthly ultimate of spirituality, the passport, the key to godhood.  If this is found they do not immediately receive the accolade of godhood, but only the right to proceed further along the road which traverses higher realms of endeavour.  We have said that it is wise to seek out compatible companions for the journey along the path.  This is done by linking up with a suitable group or organisation.  “He who follows the Quest alone carries a double burden of heavy armour, and without the solace and support of compatible companions is ever handicapped along the way” (‘The Quest of Avalon).

Of course it is often difficult to work in a group situation.  There is always friction from the clash of personalities, egotistic viewpoints and discordant relationships.  However this is a necessary challenge which has to be met.  Isolation in individuality is isolation from true spirituality.  Generally speaking a person’s inability to fit harmoniously into a group situation denotes personality inadequacies and it is that person rather than the group that is at fault.  All the group does is to create situations which highlight those inadequacies.  People who find difficulty with ‘fitting in’ can make a great step forward in their development by facing up to the fact that they are at fault, not the group.  In this case some serious soul-searching should be done.

Naturally within the group there has to be an acceptable philosophy and appropriate standards, some unifying elements and a common cause (most important) to which one can become committed.  There must be overt mutual support and an openly expressed sense of dedication.  Teachings should be set out in book form, or there should be a specific body of literature which embraces the accepted philosophy of the group.  This should be evaluated according to the manner in which the adherents respect its principles and practices.

The Publishers of this handbook are willing to help anyone seeking a compatible group or anyone wanting to form a group.  Details of what is sought, outlook on life and other relevant information should be supplied, together with details of objectives and motivations.  The Publishers produce books based on spiritual principles which can provide a unifying code.  Enquiries are welcome.

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