Karma, Fate & Destiny


All over the world is felt a restlessness – a stirring, and seekers after Truth are emerging in their hundreds.  Unlike those of the past who were prepared to accept teachings on faith alone, the modern seekers bear the stamp of a new race; they have higher aspirations and are not so easily led astray.

This booklet is for them.  it is for those who wish to ascertain the meaning and purpose of life, who want to unfold their spiritual potential and who see in themselves the forerunners of a new civilisation.  It is for those who can raise their eyes to the stars, there to glimpse the great light of a new dawn – the Celestial Age.

All over the planet Earth groups at all stages of inner development, are linking together with a common purpose serving a common cause – the advancement of mankind.  They have learned that physical evolution is complemented by spiritual evolution and in the light of such knowledge, seek to discover the part each can play in the greater scheme of things.  People are discarding the old outworn religious garments which made them miserable mendicants humbling themselves in anticipation of Divine hand-out.  They are awakening to the knowledge that they are truly the Children of God.

The stupor of materialism is passing and individuals see more clearly the road that lies ahead.  They are demanding better guidance, more informed knowledge, an approach to spirituality which accords with intellectual reasoning and enlightenment which is not shrouded in dogma.  No desire, if it be strong enough, sincere and in accordance with good, is ever denied and so it is that Enlighteners have come to various people to meet the need of the times.  They have come as a prelude to a revolutionary expansion in human consciousness.

This booklet indicates the new standards and attitudes which such expansion of consciousness will produce.  It is designed not only to throw light on a somewhat controversial subject, but also to prove a valuable guide through darker areas of human knowledge and understanding.  It will be a stimulating challenge to those intending to press resolutely forward, along the path leading to the frontier of the Celestial Age.

Humanity is still scarcely aware of the great potential lying dormant in the individual.  Science can unlock the secrets of the material universe or the minute microbe, but stands baffled and bewildered before the portal to the inner-self.  Our scientific technology can change the world about us, even reach out to the moon and stars, but it seems powerless to effect changes within the human being itself.  Only very recently have there been breakthroughs which, though still barely comprehensible, indicate the wonderful treasures awaiting discover.

This is no more than a very small contribution towards the enlightenment of mankind; the torrent of cleansing waters which will sweep aside the unwholesome burden covering the treasure trove of spiritual truth – our rightful heritage – is composed of minute drops, as are the mighty oceans.

May you and all true seekers be guided rightly.

The Culdians

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