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Hello to whoever is reading this - my name is Andre'a and I have been a member of the Culdian Trust for 28 years. I have a passion for higher Spirituality, Metaphysical Healing and working alongside our space brothers and sisters. My destiny has led me to specialise in Metaphysical Healing and I have been a member of the Culdian Healing Sanctuary for 26 years. It is planned that the Healing Courses will go online soon for those of you who have an interest in this field and I look forward to connecting with you via the website.

Nice to have you onboard, Andrea   ;D


Please Andrea, can you explain to me exactly what metaphysical healing is ?
Excuse my ignorance, please, I'm new to all this.
Love and light to you Andrea.

Hello Enkisfreind - thank you for your question. There no such thing as a silly question so please feel free to ask anything and I will endeavour to respond.

Metaphysical Healing was previously known as "Spiritual Healing". Briefly the term implies that mentally, emotionally, spiritually and or physically sick persons may be,and are, healed by Metaphysical or Spiritual energy which can be channelled to them through Healers. It is distinct from hypnotism, mesmerism, faith cures, mind cures and any other kinds of related healing, although very effective and people respond well to these forms/types of healing, must not be confused with Metaphysical Healing. With Metaphysical healing it is not the Healer who actually heals but a form of energy which operates through him or her.

Metaphysical Healing is effected in various ways:
- By the Overshadowing Spirit Entities working through a Healer or Healing Circle and thus infusing stimulating, curative and vitalising fluids and energy into the dis-eased parts of the patients body. Fluid in this instance means metaphysical substance.
- By the balanced energy within the Healer's body, or within the circle, bringing about a state of balance within the  patients body so that his or her whole being is brought into a state of harmonious balance. A vibrational or frequency transfer of vitalising energy from either the Healer or Healing Circle to the patient will often effect a cure by replacing the negative elements.
- By the Overshadowing Healing Entities illuminating the subconscious mind of the Healer, thereby intensifying the perceptions of the Healer so that the cause, nature and seat of the dis-ease in the patient becomes known to the Healer/s
-Through absent treatments - example Telepathic Healing. Here the Healing Entities combine their own healing energies with the latent vitalising energies of either the healing Circle or the Healer which is awakened by the meditation being performed.

The Culdian Healing Sanctuary:
When a state of dis-ease is manifest it is a indication that the body is out of balance. Healing can rectify that imbalance by the introduction into the body of healing energies. The Culdian form of healing differs from other forms of healing in that it is not dependant upon one Healer alone. Where possible Culdian healing is the result of a co-operative effort. It is based on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All contribute to something far greater than themselves. The Culdian Healing Sanctuary aims to deal with the causes of dis-ease, not the effects.

I hope this answers your question ?

I can think of no-one better to ask.


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