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Meteors and Signs from the Heavens

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--- Quote ---Since we banned our Zeta obsessed friend (on the Kolbrin Facebook group) we have been getting meteors all the time. Hope we are not gonna be facing one of my favorite Kolbrin passages soon.

"The land burnt like tinder, a man watched upon his rooftops and the Heavens hurled wrath upon him and he died."

--- End quote ---

Signs there truly are in the skies, but what they portend, few can say. This most ancient of sciences has nearly been lost from neglect and forgetfulness, stagnating in the hands of charlatans and the deluded.


--- Quote from: Manuel Cufre ---So when it's the biological catastrophe coming about ?
--- End quote ---

There is no way to seriously answer your question if you feel astrology is a joke.

If serious, 'when' is not the question astrology answers, but rather 'what' and sometimes 'how'. It only interprets signs presently witnessed based on knowledge of esoteric and exoteric cycles.

You'll have to do some painstakingly intense study if you genuinely wish to learn more.

Anybody who feels astrology is a joke, has misunderstood the nature of the universe.


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