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Re: Meteors and Signs from the Heavens
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Hi guys, there are other reasons why New Zealand is quite significant

A land that produces the seedling tides of the earth?, the deeper the seed, every seed above it is effected by its frequency.

All are born of the Old Tides

'In the long, long ago, when there were different stars in the heavens, all the land was covered by the great ocean and Hine Moana was its guardian.

'Then the land beneath the waters began to move, to shift and rise until it broke the surface of the widest of oceans to acknowledge the light of the Sun. And the waters were divided and one ocean became two.

'Today we divide the waters into many oceans but the Ancestors knew but two. The first was Tai Rehua, the Pacific Ocean that held the sacred waters of the gods, and the second was Tai Rehia, being all the remaining waters joined as one. That was the way of the old lore because everything was of the balance, male and female, night and day, fire and water.

'These two great oceans are called the Old Tides and where they meet they become the Seeding Tides of the Earth Mother.

'Imagine that meeting place, think of the power unleashed where the Old Tides join, see the Mana gathered to that moment, the excitement of the Mauri that runs wild within the waters to reach out to many shores.

'And there is more, because we are part of that gathered power, that exhilarating energy discovered by the Ancestors that turns within a circle that is Eternal.

Where the Old Tides meet, are the Islands of the Double Sea, this land, this Aotearoa.'

Song Of The Old Tides ` Barry Brailsford

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