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Politically Opposed: How Can We Live Together?

Started by Len, May 01, 2014, 09:05:06 PM


Quote from: ManuYes, but political ideology may pervert the society in such way that righteous men will not come to be.


People have to want virtue… to want Truth… to want self-mastery and awareness… and they can’t be made to want them. Except perhaps, by experience. And often it is the worst situations which bring out that which is best in men.

How can one know there is light without darkness?


How can one know there is light without darkness?

Very true Len.


The United States government was set up in a fashion to create checks and balances in each branch. To harness this system, the branches introduced ideology. In the United States there is mainly conservative and liberal ideology. With a few others introduced from time to time to test the waters. The ideologies represent a democracy based on the “authoritative allocation of values.” These values are represented by our elected officials because their influence is our influence and together there can be an exchange of what the people want.

There are different classes of people in the United States who want to stay wealthy, increase their income and have more opportunity, or stay at a class level they belong to. Basically, I am referring to the rich and the poor. This is what makes up our political ideologies today, the class struggle. And there are a few implications. Liberals prefer change in government because things such as national debt, wages, poverty, and jobs are all out of balance. Conservatives prefer order in government to support their wealth with less taxes and the like. Another difference between the two ideologies is that liberals generally do not like war whereas conservatives see it as capitalist growth and an economic stimulator. The class struggle is also based on what controls the behavior of man. Two things are thought of. Genetics and environment. What constitutes these is the primary indicator of division in ideologies. The United States has a strong central government, usually preferred by the poor, and it is what creates civility and security. There is a set number of representatives that are elected by the electoral college that hold parts of congress. The executive and judicial branch have different methods of dividing, or balancing, their actions because they too are elected by the people.

The people of the United States do not understand the differences in ideologies, although it is rather simple to grasp. Some would argue with me and say that the class struggle approach to politics is outdated. There is a theory that is designed to support politics now, a new approach which disregards the battle between the haves and the have nots. But I have heard little so really should not comment on the new theory.

Elements of this thread are very enlightening and eye openers of characteristically flawed challenges of the people. We should get along even if our ideologies are opposed to each other because there is hierarchy in civilization. Not just in the United States. In the military, business, government, and society there is hierarchy and conforms to laws that are meant to sustain them. When people are poor, there is a natural tendency, based on temperament, to lash out at the government, or be meek and settled with what is received. We all have had life better since earlier times and we should look at our benefits and blessings more often. Selfishness should be despised in our government so we look out for true instincts and representation. Tyrannical authority is our central government can be voted out or met at the Supreme Court. Rash and crude congress with no interest in wholly representing the people can be voted out at congresses oversight committee. Balance in our government is there and supported with the checks and balances of the people. We all should have more trust in the United States government because they took our vote to get in office. Status representation has existed since time immemorial and it will usually be the elites who control a direction of United States government with their wealth, power, and prestige.     


We all seek after a singular ego expression . A moment of joy and perfection, in which these principles are unified. the ego is formed as it is exposed to the world. the greater that exposure or separation, violent ripping there-from whence it cometh.  It is and receiveth that which it needeth from the world in degrees. Pressure is applied as the ego expresses itself and more comes out and over and over we go, whether you say no or not!