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Re: Unusual Timeline
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Just an additional note to my above post.
The British during their mandate of "Palestine", used to call the Arabs, Arabs, or WOG's (Western Oriental Gentlemen) and the Jews, they called Palestinians, as most of the "Jews" that were in "Palestine", when the ANZAC's won it from the Ottoman Turks, had been there since the ancient times, and there were very few Arabs, or Jews, there at all. Not until the  early 20's, when European Jews started to return, or make Aliyah, back to Israel, actually, only the land of Judea, did Arabs come en masse, to work on the Jewish farms and Orchards.
As, before the Jewish return started in earnest, there was hardly a tree to be seen in all the land, as recorded by historians of the time.
Its a true fact, that you can look up.
Later on, say in the ;late 40's, they became Palestinian Arabs, and Palestinian Jews, when the State of Israel was declared on May 8th 1948, the Palestinian Jews became "Israelis", and the Palestinian Arabs retained their  title.
Even as today, there are Palestinian Arabs, and Israeli Arabs.

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Re: Unusual Timeline
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Administrator Note: This topic has been split into 2 different new threads due to changes in discussion. These threads are called Disturbing Practices in the Early Christian Church in the Theology Board and Tracking Down the Historical Jesus in this same History Board. This thread is still reserved for issues more directly linked to Frank O'Collins timeline and research.
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Re: Unusual Timeline
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I felt like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz after the flying monkeys got a hold of him when I peeped in here to see how the conversation was going last night. 

Scarecrow: they took my legs off and they threw them over there! Then they took my chest out and they threw it over there!
Tin Woodsman: Well, that's you all over!

I think I've found myself again, and I'm moving forward.  :)

I've printed out some of Frank O'Collins work, purchased binders and protective sheet covers for the pages.  Printed "The New Testament:  Aprocrypha, Josephus, The Jewish Wars (Summary)  Can be found here along with many others,

Printed "The Nazarene Timeline", "The Book Of The Cuileann" and "The Book of The Green Race".  The later two can be found here.

I doubt Mr. O will ever put a book in print.  It appears to me from reading about him, he won't do it because he doesn't want to earn any money from it.  Admirable, and only time and research about him will tell if this is the truth. So far I can't find where he has.  Found his radio show interviews, but those were about "Trust Law".   There was a "The Book Of The Green Race" Timeline.  I didn't print it in time, and it has been removed from the internet.  He probably did this because he will be adding information to The Green Race Book.  That's what has prompted me to print out so much of his material, and preserve it. 

I'm very happy that you not only included the timeline here, but also Mr. O's research.  There's a vast amount of info out there that he's contributed. I will use quotes from his research, and links to the information, when posting about different sections.