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Gwineva and Channels

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I have just finished reading the first part of Gwineva. And it has really touched me deeply.
Wouldn't it be something, to have been there as Gwineva spoke ?
Does the person she spoke through still live ?
Does Gweniva still speak, afresh, today ?
She has me thirsting for more, back to my book !


--- Quote from: Enkisfreind on May 11, 2013, 04:31:31 AM ---Does the person she spoke through still live ?
--- End quote ---

Gwineva has spoken through several channels, some living, others have passed on.

--- Quote from: Enkisfreind on May 11, 2013, 04:31:31 AM ---Does Gweniva still speak, afresh, today ?
--- End quote ---

Occasionally yes, when the need arises and certain conditions are met...

The channels themselves are relatively unimportant. They are a conduit, a channel, for something else coming through. What is important in a channel is that they have the ability to receive the message or entity with as little of their own coloration or personality as possible. This requires training. A good mind with an extensive vocabulary is also helpful. But in the Culdian Channeled Works not even the Guides are what is important. Gwineva tells us to not focus on her, but the message or Teaching she is trying to share. It is the Lesson that is applicable to your life that will change you if you let it; not even Gwineva herself can do that, and certainly not the channel, but only you!

(The above is simply one Culdian's take on the subject, and does not speak for the whole Trust. All of my words apply to me alone, unless explicitly stated otherwise.)

Thanks Len,
This is all so new to me, channelled works ect.
Was just wondering.
I understand its the message that it is important.
Love and light to you my dear brother.

Love and Light to you as well, Sha'ul...

Keep asking questions. Your enthusiasm for spiritual material in general and Culdian works specifically is really something! I remember when I first read all of it and got more involved... an adventure! It still is...

Don't take it too personally if my words come off hard and serious sometimes, as I prefer a no nonsense approach to questioning and answering subject matter. I love the stuff myself so much, that when I directly deal with these matters I put my whole being into it at a very focused, serious level. Too much, and a break and some humor usually does the trick...

Be well Brother... and keep on with your enthusiasm and questions and comments... we all share in that. Our shared love, knowledge, and energy gives us life. This is community, and a necessity for us as humans, so let me say, thank you for who you are Sha'ul!

Len, we are the same, I am just like you in regards to personal engagement with the subject matter. I always feel like some kind of guardian of the truth , and I always feel there is some kind of imperative, that people understand what it is I'm trying to get across, that they "get it". And that combined with an uncompromising love for "the truth", sometimes hasn't wone me any friends either.
Anyway, be yourself with me, I'm pretty thick skinned, and I have a well developed sense of where people are coming
Love and light , much, to you and yours.



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