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Whoa: physicists testing to see if universe is a computer simulation

Started by Len, January 14, 2013, 03:32:16 PM


Quote from: Manuel Cufre"Can any man think long on the wonder of creation and the complexity of created things and declare truthfully that he believes they came into being of their own accord? Can he look at the awesome beauty of the spinning universe, now so old and yet so full of vitality, with never a sign of declining powers, and say there is no motivator behind it? Can he look at the life-giving light of day and the growth-controlling light of the night, at the teeming Earth and burning stars, and honestly believe that all this is a matter of pure chance? Could all this vast and splendidly run universe have created itself? It could, if a tapestry can weave itself, or a statue chisel itself out from the rock."


And G-d said Yehi Or (Let light be)
V' Yehi Or, (And light became)
Allegory or not, it suggests that the Supreme Spirit, the Creator of all, only had to will reality into existence. Will, imagination, and thought, all are properties of the mind.
So, from G-ds imagination, came reality and existence.
Nu ?


And are we not created in the image of God, with the spark of the Supreme Spirit within us? The latent potential of God is within us, as the ancient Teachings proclaimed, and as science, as we see here, is just beginning to understand.