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Oh boy, this is great !
I have recently come into some of these revelations on my own journey.
I have had a real change of direction, I have become a Christian in its true sense.
I follow, not Jesus or Y'shua, the man, but Y'shua the teachings, the life and light that was, is , within him.
The example, the light, the love, the mercy and justice, the truth, that he contained, and does contain, wherever he is now. He loved animals !
It has been a huge revelation, a huge relief, and a great change in my spiritual point of view.
The Anunnaki may well be real, I believe so.
The Destroyer came, and may come again, we know not , really.
But these things are not the point.
The path, the way, the living the life in the light of truth, walking in the footsteps of instruction, the path of the true way, that Y'shua, or Jesus, left for us to follow, in his example, that is the point.
We, are the point, it is for "we" he came, he was sent.
We, are the one's, who are supposed to carry on his mission, to spread light and love, with judgment, but not as judges. 
As he was, is, we must aspire to be also.
Ideal men, Ladies, and  loving brethren of the path, we walk together, as a people, His people.
Forwards, upwards, in light, in love, in Holy Spirit, Ru'ach HaKodesh.
I am joining a church, where I am different, but seek the same thing, want the same thing, but have a different knowledge. I can exist amongst them, with them, for them.
Because if our master could do it for us.
I, we, can do it for them.
Be a Nazerene, Be  Christian, Be a Culdian,
But be......

Blessings to you all at this time of the winter/summer solstice,

Just spent the last hour browsing through the various topics and posts of this forum. A great place to share and learn from each other. I've chosen this one to reply to as it has been active the most recently. Thank you Enkisfreind for your post, I feel the joy and light shining through your words.

I have some books to recommend to you in your search for information on the Nazerenes: -

The first is "The Essenes: Children of the Light" by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis published by Ozark Mountain Publishers
The Nazarenes were one of the Essene communities that had been established to keep and protect the ancient wisdoms of those Great Beings working to restore the balance of Light on Earth. The authors use the tool of past life regression to explore the links between the Essenes and the Druids and early Christianity. Jesus and his role as the prophesied Messiah was supported by a powerful and dedicated group of Essenes, including his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. When I first read this book, I experienced a wonderful feeling of recognition and homecoming. There are several passages I found so inspiring that I copied them into my journal, including their version of the Lord's prayer. It also has a good index, a glossary and a list of recommened titles for further reading.   

The other books are "Anna, grandmotherr of Jesus" and "Anna, the voice of the Magdalenes" by Claire Heartsong
These books are channelled material that have also been researched and describe the life of Anna and the role of the Essenes, as a group dedicated to preparing the way for Jesus to embody the role of the Messiah. Also discussed is their connections with the Druids and Britain where Joseph of Arimathea led the refugees from the Holy Land after the events of the crucifixion and resurrection. It is the story of the new testament and more.

If you chose to read them, consider that they express mindsets we might find challenging,  but I found the overall knowledge and wisdom they contain to be compelling, just as I did the books of Gwineva, Rhowenna and Celestina. Much of the writing touched my soul and heart. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Jesus in Britain in the first book, and at the end of the second, when Brother Geoffrey speaks, my awed response was - is this the collation of writings that became "The Kolbrin" a tantilising thought! Various appendices include a short bibliography and charts showing the distribution of the Holy bloodlines from India through middle Europe, up to Britain. Part of the role of this group of souls was to bring their DNA into the world.

Thank you for creating this forum, I hope my words will resonate with you.

Blessings again and always,

Wow, its just incredible how it all fits together. I am getting blown away by the amount of real knowledge and proof that exists out there, despite the best efforts of those who would have us all remain blind.
Truth, in opposition to all else !
Let the cry ring out !
Thanks for your input Fiona.
Blessed be.

Welcome to the Forums, Fiona!  :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and book recommendations. I have not, as yet, read the books you reference. Will definitely check them out!

There are a couple items that need mentioning. For one, there were many sects or religious and political thought in Israel at the time of Jesus. What are often lumped together as 'Essenes' today were many different groups of varying beliefs and practices. It would not be fair to say there were only three. Gnostic literature from the time varies widely from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some groups lived apart in isolation, while others lived among the rest of society. This is just something to consider as we look at these histories.

In reading the Kailedy, the group that trained John the Baptist were criticized by him, and were surely not the same as those Jesus learned from:

"Elizabeth was alone with the child. She was old and found life difficult to sustain in the wilderness, the manservant having departed with her goods. She discovered a cave where there was a seepage of water and lived there until John was eight years of age. Then she died, and the child did not understand; neither did he know what to do or how to bury her. But the everpresent God intervened in His manner, and some people who lived apart from others were directed to him, and he was raised in their ways. He remained with them until the day he went forth to herald the coming of the Deliverer.

The people among whom John was raised did not marry, but adopted outcasts and orphans while they were young. They were godly people in their own way, but did not concern themselves with others. John rebelled against their exclusiveness, desiring to carry tidings concerning the coming Instructor in Goodness to the common people." -- The Gospel of the Kailedy, Chapter Three

As to divine or holy bloodlines, this is directly in opposition to what is taught in the Kolbrin and in Gwineva. It is an important subject, as more and more New Age circles are accepting this doctrine. But that is another subject, and can be read about and discussed here: http://culdiantrust.org/culdianforums/index.php?topic=254.0


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