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Taoism and the 'Sons of Reflected Light'

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Taoism came into being in China between 10,000 and 5,000 BC, and it was through the dedication and hard work of the early Taoists that they were able to develop so many arts and crafts from the foundations and guidelines given to them by the 'Sons of Reflected Light', a sect of people reputed to be over seven feet in height, and who wore a type of clothing that had never been seen in China before. Where they came from is still a mystery, and may remain a mystery for ever, but whilst they stayed they taught local craftspeople many different arts and crafts, which were far in advance of anything else that existed in those far off days. Many of these skills are still in advance of anything that is in existence even in this present day and age.

Great efforts have been made by the Taoists through the ages to carry on this good work and to pass on the knowledge that was given to them by the 'Sons of Reflected Light'. Unfortunately, since no written records were kept in those far distant days, some of their teaching have no doubt been lost in the realms of time

Excerpt from The Chinese Art of T'AI CHI CH'UAN by CHEE SOO

Sons of Reflected Light over seven feet in height! ring any bells for anyone, sounds very similar to the Sons of Fire from the kolbrin?

An other point of interest is the Taoist symbol which is identical to the Star of David

Here is the Taoist explanation of the symbol.


In the Taoist arts both monism and dualism are symbolized by triangles, the one being an inversion of the other. The universe is symbolized by a circle, and this is seen as embracing the Yin and Yang within all things.

Now I have heard discussion that the Star of David is in fact a Annunaki symbol, if this is the case then it is highly possible that the Taoist arts are a Remanent of Annunaki knowledge, considering that the Sons of Reflected Light are said to be Giants.

This is highly interesting for me as there is a thread, via Maori Waka history and tradition that runs through Asia down through Korea, Taiwan to New Zealand, in relationship to the tall ones/Giants(Ancestors) that use to roam these lands, of which Giant Skeletons have been found not far distance from my current place of residence.


But back to Taoism and the 'Sons of Reflected Light', very interesting to say the least :)

This is a very interesting area of research, Ra!

However, most historians and Chinese Taoists themselves claim that the founding of Taoism was laid down with the short, but profound document, the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, said to have been written around the 6th Century B.C. (Profound philosophers, mystics, and visionaries have since added to the Taoist corpus.)

So you see, what we and the Chinese understand as Proper Taoism does not technically exist earlier than 2,700 years ago at the most. The stories of the 'Sons of Reflected Light' come much, much earlier. While what happened 10,000 years ago most certainly affected later Proper Taoism (and in some instances may be considered 'proto-Taoism'), it would be appreciated, if you are able, to provide substantive connections between the time frame and stories of the 'Sons of Reflected Light' to the time frame and writings of Lao Tzu.

Kia ora Ra,
Pray tell, from where did you get the pic of the Magen David in china ?
Interesting as it is a Kabbalistic Star of David, not usually seen inside a circle outside of the context of Kabbalistic pictograms and Synagogue walls Also interesting, it is painted blue, a colour extensively used in Jewish spiritual symbolism. Unless its the oxidisation of the medium, maybe copper, though that is usually green in colour. The use of blue in Hebrew religious symbolism, dates back to Avraham (Shumerian  Ibru-um) and is quite possibly, like the Star (Actually "shield") of David, a link back to the Anunnaki, as Blue was a very important colour to them also, and is mentioned many times, and used a great deal, in all Shumerian pictograms and writing vis a vis the Anunnaki.
I'd be very keen to know, where in China this pic was taken !
 Love and light.

Hi Len and Sha'ul

Sha'ul, here is the link for the picture the site does not give a location, I wanted to share the picture from the book, but to much of a mission, would have had to scan to file, so i just goggled, Star of David Taoism, and found the image in relationship.

The spiritual secrets behind martial arts, tai-chi and yoga !


Coincidentally the page is quite relevant, as i am a practitioner of Tai Chi a Taoist martial art, the thing that attracted me to it 20 plus years ago, was the fact that it is a 3 dimensional defense system, and incorporates the physical/mental and the spiritual aspects, although the spiritual aspects are not studied or promoted as much as the physical side, what is interesting is I have found possible relationships between the meanings of the movements of the Tai chi form, and other practices like, kabbalah, and Tarot.

Len, I guess like anything there are many divisions in thought regarding source, but among Tai Chi schools and history , it is the Sons of Reflected Light who brought the knowledge and taught to the locals. The book I quoted is from one such school.


In about 600 BC, Confucius declared it necessary to cultivate the martial arts - further encouraging its assimilation into everyday society and culture. Lao Tzu (a Taoist sage), living at the same time, composed the Tao Te Ching (The Power and the Way), the original book and foremost source of Taoism. Taoism (pronounced "Daoism") is a philosophical system, and is also considered a way of life and a method of achieving higher consciousness. Legend has it that it was passed down from a legendary culture, known as the "Sons of Reflected Light" some 14000 years ago. It taught scholarship, meditation and alchemy.


There is even speculation that Taoism and the Sons of reflected light was brought to china by druids, as there are many similarity's between Druidism and Taoism.

Kia ora brothers


Lol just getting a flash back from the past, My grandmother used to think i was a Chinese in a past life when i started practicing Tai chi on her front lawn as a Teen, now to find out it is possibly a Annunaki knowledge source, maybe i was a Annunaki in a past life!.


Thanks for sharing, Ra!

It seems to me what you are presenting here is more a case of Chinese legend rather than anything that is explicitly Taoist. There may be, and have been Taoist thinkers that discuss legends of 'Sons of the Reflected Light', but that does not mean these legends are a part of Taoist philosophy or spirituality. This may sound like nitpicking, but it is an important distinction if one is to be taken seriously in research.

The Yellow Emperor, or Huang-ti, is considered to have been the founder of Chinese civilization according to traditional mythology and numerous ancient texts, and he reigned approximately 2,700 B.C.

Going back further, the god-like legends of the Three Sovereigns before Chinese civilization began mention rulers who taught the Chinese people farming, trapping, medicine/acupuncture, writing, irrigation and the like. Fu Xi, the first of these Three Sovereigns, is agreed to have lived around 2,900 B.C. (Many modern scholars believe these figures merely as myths, however, time and again archeology has proven more substance to "myths" than what skeptics believe.) If we are to hold these myths to be true, we do not have a claim for an advanced civilization of science in China earlier than 5,000 years ago.

If legends of the 'Sons of Reflected Light' are to hold water, we have a very large time gap in civilization, science, and spirituality that extends thousands of years. What would be required to give more credence to the 'Sons of Reflected Light', and any connection they may have had with later Chinese culture, is to directly show what happened in this gap, and link philosophies and legends and culture from the earlier to the later.

The one thing that does connect has little to do with modern conceptions of reality, which is the Tao itself, or The Way. The Way, the Truth, extends and exists through all men and all cultures, and can be recognized as such over time and space with no apparent direct connection. In other words, my connection with the Tao, or Way, does not require a direct, physical Teaching from the Ancient Ones to know what they knew. Over enough time, the same Truths once known are relearned as Truth, which does not change over time. This requires awareness, experience, and personal connection to the metaphysical foundations of existence... For how else did the ancient ones learn what they did? Eventually one gets to the point where there is no other earlier, advanced group to have learned from, except from Spirit and Awareness in the hard Experience of Reality directly.


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