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Forgetting Our History

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Interesting replies Len.  Thank you.

I didn't refer to money (you did); only to wealth - they are not necessarily one and the same, although money often does play a significant part.  As for the retention of riches?  Look at the Rockafella, Windsor, and Ford families (to name but three) who have gained their riches through debatable means and who have, to this day, kept those riches, and even added to them.  To these, the 'how' is irrelevant, and the only way they will lose their riches will be either by design or through the irresponsible handling of those riches by later guardians.


--- Quote ---And of course you are correct, it need not be difficult to pull oneself out. Usually that is best understood in hindsight… but remembering that, it can make the next challenge easier to face.

--- End quote ---
That is true... but to understand at the time is to know...  I know.


--- Quote ---It is not simply that you win the game or that a test is passed, value is added or lost in how you win the game, or how you passed a test.

--- End quote ---
You know my thoughts on winning, losing, passing, failing, and so on.  I do agree with the 'how' though.

Your example leaves out too many variables; or is that all there is to the story? 


--- Quote ---The tests actually do in fact become harder once wealth (in its widest sense) is attained. But these tests have little likelihood of being passed unless the lessons of the poor (and rising entrepreneurship) are learned first, which are, not coincidentally, the lessons taught to the youth in families of multigenerational wealth, as opposed to the youth in families of the nouveau riche.

--- End quote ---
There will come a time when you will want to experience all of these.  In what order you do so, and in what manner of accomplishment will depend entirely upon how you want to experience these things.  There is no set order, merely the order you impose upon yourself prior to its commencement.


--- Quote ---Reread the opening post of this thread, which is another similar example… knowledge learned out of a book vs. knowledge seared into the soul, and known with a deep memory. One can win a game or pass a test with each… yet how different are the rewards and final sacrifices…

--- End quote ---
I was not responding to the opening thread but to the last two.  However, "how different are the rewards and final sacrifices..." Usually very different indeed.  The thing is, though, one does not go into reading a book with the expressed intent of experiencing something one would physically go into.  With the book you can obtain the knowledge necessary to give you a chance of success.  In order to succeed though, you need to experience - i.e. put the knowledge to use.  When you combine the two...  Well, I'll leave that up to your imagination.  ;)


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