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String Theory and the Holographic Universe

Started by Len, December 13, 2013, 01:19:49 PM


Quote from: ManuSo space and time and illusory and consciousness is also illusory, so nothing is real?

OK no problem, catch you later.


Quite... the chair does not come before the ass that needs to sit, nor does the ass come before the mind which senses it.

The sensor precedes that which is sensed, the craftsman before the craft, and the hand before the tool that utilizes it.


Quote from: ManuMy bet is in consciousness. If we have a consciousness and our consciousness is not in our brain but it is some kind of energy that our brain receives and uses to operate, then that energy could be argued to exist in other forms, even as in some great all encompassing form. It's intriguing to say the least.


Calling the tool, the hand, the craft, or the craftsman an illusion is a futile exercise if you are to take part in any phenomenal reality.

Even when one no longer remains with these things, these things still remain a part of you.

One last humorous aside, was I the only one who noticed how much ‘TIME’ was such an important factor to some in this discussion?

In fact, it may have been the central factor in the way in which it ended…

How ironic.


Quote from: The Kolbrin posted by Rex PerkinsGleanings: Voice of God

There are those among men who declare all life, all My creation to be an illusion of the senses, a dream without sustenance. They are in error, for all that is real and all that exists was ever latent, awaiting the awakening kiss. Because men cannot know reality as it actually is but only as they can conceive it to be with their deceptive sense, does not make it any less real. If all men were blind, the stars would still exist".