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How many Culdians are there?  I don't mean registered members of this forum.   
Thank you for your time. 

There are only about 10 of us today, all New Zealanders save myself, an American. In the 80's and 90's, that number was much higher, but has been sadly reduced over the past 15-20 years for a variety of reasons...

And, there are those of us that don't even use a computer, or don't prefer to, which is why you won't see everyone here.

But I do expect that number to increase due to the current outreach, after taking time to get to know folks while observing the results of certain tests and their dedication towards the Search for Truth.

Thank you. 

When I am asked what religion am I or what belief system do I subscribe to, I would first think Culdian.  How about you Diane?  In a technical sense, we are keepers of the books, applying the Wisdom inside to life and in that broad sense, there are more than the small number in the group.  Possibly there are individual and group experiences that separates out the original group from those believing in their message (i.e. channeling). 

I would have to second your comment, djinnee. It seems there are more and more people out there aligned with Culdian principals and ideals. Truly, these are Culdians in Spirit. Having this type of inner consistency is what is most important. Living one's ideal is true substance. A name, or title, or membership is only skin deep and means nothing if it is not fully lived.

Culdians are those that adhere to Culdian philosophy, whether or not they are members of the Trust, whose organization/order exists for the purpose of keeping the torch lit and held high for those weary but persistent Seekers of Truth refusing to submit to the dark. 


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