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Ancient Mosaic Found in Israel (Aluma) Raises Questions About Early Church

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And the hunt goes on...

Was thinking of you, Diane, as I came across this new find (see below). By the way, how is your research coming along?


Any of those symbols look familiar? ;)

That is amazing, wow, oh my.  Look at all the symbolism!   I believe that there’s cryptic wordplay being used even the case of the the great mosaics that are being found.  Maybe we can call it picture riddles.

Mushav Aluma is located 30 miles south of Tel Aviv. 

Here's another photo from the Mosaic.  Look at the water birds!

--- Quote ---"A 1,500-year-old mosaic floor with colorful images of animals, botanical and geometrical designs has been brought to light during the excavation of a Byzantine-era Christian church in southern Israel.

"The church probably served as a center of Christian worship for the neighboring communities," the Israel Antiquities Authority said in a news release about the find, issued Wednesday. The floor and other remains of the basilica were found over the past three months during preparations for the construction of a new neighborhood at Moshav Aluma, the agency said.

The church was part of a major Byzantine settlement located next to the main road running between Ashkelon on Israel's Mediterranean coast and Jerusalem to the east. Previous excavations along the road had found traces of other communities from the same period, but no churches.

The mosaic that was in the church's main hall features 40 decorative medallions. Some of the medallions depict animals including a zebra, a leopard, a turtle, a wild boar and various types of birds. Three medallions contain Greek inscriptions that commemorate two church leaders named Demetrios and Herakles.

Archaeologist Daniel Varga said another mosaic features "a 12-row dedicatory inscription in Greek containing the names Mary and Jesus, and the name of the person who funded the mosaic's construction." Inside a pottery workshop, archaeologists found jars, cooking pots, bowls and oil lamps.

The site will be open to the public on Thursday and Friday, and eventually the mosaic will be conserved and moved into a museum for public display, the Israel Antiquities Authority said."
--- End quote ---

Huqoq...I've not been able to find a way to explain in a short version what I feel is going on with the Huqoq Mosaics.  For now I'll just say that I think the man holding the scroll...well his legs might not be brown, but he could be wearing sack cloth leggings.   That would be a clue to where he's from, and who he is.  I did run through all the "Herods" regarding the "H".  I believe that they made it look as though they were referring to one of the Herod's in the Mosaic, but maybe there's a more hidden meaning.  Maybe.  I want to go over Herod Agrippa, Agrippa II, and even Philip once more just for fun. 

Always have to remember these people had to hide a lot of things.  Making it look like one thing when it was really something else.  Best I can say for now. 

Have you ever seen the mosaics at Hamat Teverya, (Tiberias Israel, western shore of Galilee), or Sepphoris, Tzippori, (4 miles NW of Nazareth)?  I have some info on those too I can post.  Ill say that I'm not thrilled with the archaeologist's dating on these things.  Just think they're wrong.  I'd have to prove that I suppose.  Don't know if I could get through all the disinfo to do it though.

Mushav Aluma Mosaic additional notes of interest. 

--- Quote ---”Among the animals depicted in the mosaic are a wild boar, a pair of mice, a giraffe, zebra, flamingo, partridge, leopard, bear, rabbit, a cage containing what appear to be birds, a pair of peacocks and a chameleon. One of the medallions, which is believed to have contained the image of a human being, was carefully destroyed.’'
--- End quote ---

Rabbit-Lepus is a constellation lying just south of the celestial equator, immediately south of Orion. Its name is Latin for hare.

Chameleon-is a small constellation in the southern sky. It is named after the chameleon, a kind of lizard

Birds-Southern Bird Constellations.
         Grus is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for the crane, a species of bird.
         Pavo-is a constellation in the southern sky with the Latin name for peacock.
         Phoenix- is a minor constellation in the southern sky. Named after the mythical phoenix.
         Tuscan- is a constellation of stars in the southern sky,.  Other names Beak Bird, Toucan,
         Hornbill, Goose, maybe Pelican

         Just want to add, many cultures have found birds depicted in the stars.  These might not be the correct birds in the
         mosaic.  I'm just trying to point out that this mosaic is astrological.  It's telling a story, just have to figure out what.

Fox-Vulpecula is a faint constellation in the northern sky. Its name is Latin for "little fox", although it is commonly known simply as the fox. On one of the medallions, you can see the face of a fox, body has been weathered away, or destroyed.

Zebra-is a constellation in the Northern Sky. It was one of the 49 Constellations classified by Ptolemy, and remains one of the 89 constellations today.

Giraffe-Camelopardalis is a large but faint constellation in the northern sky.

Boar-The Boar-In ancient times the wild boar represent the constellation that later became
         The Great Bear Ursa Major.  Or the boar could be a smaller boar that is represented
          by the stars that are represented in the constellation Lynx.

Now the pair of mice really has me baffled. One mouse I can find, not two mice.  Someone suggested to me to just think of "the twins".  I don't understand why they would be depicted as mice.  I did find something about Mice Galaxies, that's really interesting.  I just doubt that the people back then would have known of them.

Here's the "Aluma Mice Medallion" from the mosaic.  I did check into rats too, no luck.

Here's the Mice Galaxies

--- Quote ---"The Mice Galaxies are two spiral galaxies in the constellation Coma Berenices. About 290 million light-years away,  they began the process of colliding and merging about 290 million years ago. Their name refers to the long tails produced by tidal action—the relative difference between gravitational pulls on the near and far parts of each galaxy—known here as a galactic tide. Members of the Coma cluster, it is a possibility that both galaxies have experienced collision, and will continue colliding until they coalesce."
--- End quote ---

I just don't think the two mice in the mosaic have anything to do with these Mice galaxies,  but I could be wrong.  If anyone has an idea about those 2 little mice, or rats, please share.  I'm going nuts trying to find mice! Need a mouse trap. :-)

There is one more route I could take with the mice.  The articles about the Aluma sight mention two church leaders named Demetrios and Herakles.  I knew Herakles to be Hercules.  I found where a Demetrius, (spelled with a u), and Herakles linked.  This is a coin depicting him with Herakles on the back side.

Love the hat!  Now they say this hat has to do with his conquests in India.  But maybe he's trying to be like Ganesha. Just a thought.  That would tie in at least one mouse.

--- Quote ---In Ancient Greece, the destructive side of Apollo was called Smitheos or Apollo Smintheus from the Greek word "sminthus" which means "mouse." Sacred mice were kept in his temple and he was believed to shoot the arrows of plague. Strangely enough, under his beneficent aspect, Apollo guarded the harvest from infestations of mice. Rats are the companions and mounts of gods such as the elephant-headed Ganesha of the Hindus and the Japanese Daikoku, god of wealth and good fortune. Mice were associated with Jupiter or Zeus and, because of their lasciviousness, Aphrodite (a.k.a. Venus), the love goddess
--- End quote ---

There's another route to take finding this Demetrios fellow if this is the wrong guy.  I haven't gotten there just yet.  Best to post what I have before it gets lost in space.  To read more about the Demetrius on the coin pictured above you can link to wiki here.

Wow Diane, your research really can scatter into hundreds of directions! I'm not even sure where I'd start... but you did make an interesting comment I thought to respond to:

--- Quote from: Diane_ on January 24, 2014, 03:29:26 PM ---That is amazing, wow, oh my.  Look at all the symbolism!   I believe that there’s cryptic wordplay being used even the case of the the great mosaics that are being found.  Maybe we can call it picture riddles.
--- End quote ---

There is a code here, but not one that can be deciphered using the strictly modern, left brained cryptological methods. Symbolism contains the 'many into one' that says much on many levels using the simplest 'packet' of information transfer, which can only be fully unlocked by using conscious, unconscious, and super-conscious Minds together (anciently known as solar, lunar, and celestial). This requires logical thought and study along with delving deep within for autonomous thought including dream pattern analysis, and transcendental, divine states of being. These placements of Mind occur on different states of frequency, and the ancient esoteric symbolism can only be fully decoded and understood after they are clearly viewed by those adept in working on these various states of consciousness.

Takes quite a bit of work all around to get there...

Oh my, you almost make we want to throw in the towel.  I just think the story is there for those with eyes to see. Some who gazed upon might see one thing, and others another thing due to their teachings.  I don't know if you have to delve quite so deep to get the general idea of what it's saying with the dream pattern analysis, transcendental and divine states etc.

Right now I'm only picking the pieces of the puzzle apart and looking at each one's meaning to see how it fits with the others.  That's the scattering you noticed.  My feelings are that by doing that you have a better, more complete message after the parts are once again united.

Do you have an idea of what the Mosaic is trying to tell the observer?  The two birds at the bottom of the cross..they appear to be bowing, or maybe they're not exactly bowing.  What type of bird do they look like to you?


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