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I am surprised there isn't a thread on this subject, so i thought ill start one, with all that is going on at the moment, would be good to get different perceptions on events and happenings. I have been following events since the first gulf war, and correctly predicted the entrapment of American forces within Iraq before the invasion began, and have been studying developments ever since with a keen interest. With developments happening fast from the Arab spring, to the rise of ISIS, and many other multiple wars developing i hope this thread can be a place were we can study current and future situations, relevance of events and end time prophecy, and in-depth study of key players and factors.

A interesting event coming up, This is Ayatollah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, listen to his speech below, it says everything needed to know about the situation, the charges laid against him are tedious at best, this is a man that promoted peace-full protest.

Saudi Arabia Plans To Behead The Ayatollah Next Week Which Will Inflame Tensions with Iran
By Shoebat Foundation on May 8, 2015

If the execution commences on the 14th, it will most likely cause an outcry from Bahrain to Syria and even within Saudi Arabia where Shiites constitute 15 percent of the Kingdom’s population.

The cyber rattling between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia stems from ancient wounds that will never be resolved, with Saudi Arabia having destroyed Shiite holy places and Iran making countless claims of persecution. Iran has recently forbidden its citizens from traveling to Mecca to practice the Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. Iran’s prohibition on  traveling  to Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, confirms that Iran will even eventually abandon Mecca altogether. As it seems, the Sunni-Shiite divide reveals a major schism between two Muslim holy cities, Mecca on the one hand and Karbala (holiest site for Shiites in Iraq) on the other. This is an un-healable divide and the Scriptures in Isaiah 21 predict that Iran will end up destroying Arabia.


Saudi Ayatollah Nimr Al-Nimr Dares Saudi Regime to Attack Iran

Perhaps, Ra, it is because there are a number of similar hot spots either developing or in full swing elsewhere around the world at the moment.

The Saudi's are indeed playing their part well - cast your inquiring mind back over the past 15 years (or much further back if you want), and see the Saudi trails within the international web.

All one need do is look at Africa and the mayhem being caused there, both from within and without.  The same goes for Europe, in particular the antics of NATO.  One need only look at the decimation caused within the UK by the introduction of alien policies against its own peoples.  Look, too, at the rise of China and those nations fervently opposed to that rise.  The US, too, needs watching as its government herds its people towards civil war.  Look, too, at the likes of the IMF and World Bank in their endeavours to destroy once prospering nations such as Greece and even Ukraine (to name just two).  Look at the antics being promoted in such diabolical treaties as the TPP (in the Pacific) and the TIIP (in Europe), especially after the debacles of similar supposed 'free trade' agreements such as NAFTA via the World Trade Organisation (WTO) [supposedly free (in theory and on paper) but most certainly not in practice (unless you are an extremely wealthy and influential corporation)].  I could go on and on here. 

There is so much happening here on Earth at the moment Ra, very little of it to do with the natural order of things, and very much to do with manmade greed, control and power.

For example, here in New Zealand and among 13 or 15 other Pacific Rim nations, [secret and behind closed door] negotiations are taking place to implement what is [now] being referred to as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP).  If the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is eventually signed by participating sovereign nations, then a new era of free trade between these nations will commence.  What a wonderful opportunity for participating nations to be able to trade with each other without fear of unnecessary tariffs and taxes barring participants' entry into these countries. 

There are, however, a couple of minor drawbacks with the entire TPPA and its processes.  Firstly, the agreement is being wholly promoted by the multi-national corporations who wield tremendous power, particularly in the US.  And secondly, until the very timely release of classified information via Wikileaks, all of the negotiations taking place around the TPP and its agreement, were behind closed doors - with absolutely no consultation in any way with the citizenry of the participating countries.  Courtesy of the global (and local media) the multi-national corporation aspect has been completely downplayed, as has the fact Wikileaks actually leaked a couple of the documents a wee while back.  Nor have our wonderful media mentioned the fact that the TPPA will allow businesses (mainly corporations) the sue the pants of any country that refuses to allow them to trade within their borders (of those participating countries) through a dubious so-called legal process devoid of judges; and that supercede sovereign laws and judiciaries, like, for example, New Zealand's Treaty of Waitangi.

It is interesting that New Zealand's National Party (our current government) is now touting that these negotiations have been , and are, completely transparent.  Interesting as it was only via Wikileaks global insemination of some of the agreement documents that National (along with other participating nations governments) had to eventually acknowledge the existence of the the process, and as a result, recondition our citizenry that it was indeed a transparent process with all New Zealanders being always fully informed from the beginning.  This is an outright lie, but it seems that many New Zealanders appear to see this as an unfortunate oversight on behalf of our government; one that is obviously unintentional given its importance to our nation...

But getting back to your original Ra. 

Yes, the Saudi's are indeed playing their part in the collapse of the global economy, particularly where the price of oil is concerned.  This is also fanned by the continuing animosity between Shiite and Sunni priests and peoples and the doctrines they adhere to (there is no intended or accident 'slight' here of either set of doctrines as they form the belief systems of the two groups and they are each, in my opinion, entitled to their own beliefs - as am I).  As mentioned, the Saudis are indeed playing their part, but moreso, the part that requires a complete decimation of the global economy as dictated to by those who many refer to as 'the elites'.

The Middle East situation is a continuation of a bigger plan that has been in the making for a number of centuries now.  In order to view this plan more clearly, one needs to look way beyond the borders of the Middle East, and then beyond any type of geographical border at all - i.e to politics, science, social, educational systems and so on.

Hi Lance, there is definitely a lot going on in the world at the moment, and also within the middle east, there are so many factors external and internal that effect events it was a challenge for me to find a starting point.

All are connected, as the world is one body.

As for hot spots the middle east is certainly one constantly smoldering, i am interested in other world events but thought ill use this thread to focus on the middle east considering the scope of topics involved, i will try my best to relate any info to the bigger picture on a global scale as it will be difficult to see the full picture without mentioning these other influences your insight is greatly appreciated.

--- Quote ---There is so much happening here on Earth at the moment Ra, very little of it to do with the natural order of things, and very much to do with manmade greed, control and power
--- End quote ---

Well isn't that a natural order of things, man becomes greedy, seeks to control everything, misuses his powers?, hasn't this happened in the past?, were eventually it caused a stench to rise to the heavens, which attracted the destroyer?, Sodom and Gomorrah?, the great flood?.

There is a advantage we have, and that is we have examples of the past, which give us an awareness to a degree(depending on the clarity), that can help us understand the events that are happening now, to help see the events in the right perspective.

Walls and rumors of walls, most of them self imposed within our own minds.

In regards to the TPP and New Zealand, you see why i think it will be a good idea, the one i proposed on the just an idea thread a while back?

To be honest i have always assumed the problems in the middle east start with Israel. That country is a constant reminder to the people of the middle east that we in the west 'busted them up' and our arrogant foolish leaders saw fit to start scribbling on maps and in their ineptitude opened the door for what i personally see as a violent repressive state, Israel. I tend to agree with our friend the Ayatollah that the Sauds enjoy cosying up to the western elite because they line their pockets. I am a firm believer that in the upper echelons of western civilisation there is a deep-seated fear of the old Persian blood and Islamic power and they are playing the old game of facing people off against each other. I know whose side i am on, the hard working Yemeni, the youthful Iranian and the beleaguered Palestinian.


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