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I would very much like to put on this forum some of the, excerpts from our channeled works, for your interest only.

Individuals have a personal responsibility towards God, life  and society; towards their families, their fellowmen and their race.  Each one has an appointed place in the Great Design and a specific part to play in the Grand Purpose.

Would this also include the 'self' Laraine?

In reference to the analogy of bricks in a wall, which was used on several occasions, this is what was said. " Remember the bricks in a wall. Hence say to others, I have my brick and you have yours, let us therefore build a wall protecting all that is good and great. A wall which will withstand the incoming tide of materialism; and say your brick and mine are complimentary, but not alike"  " Thus will be avoided an amalgammation of the ineffectual and apathetic with those more sturdy and worthy, the genuine will be sorted out from the spurious. The best will survive to bear the standards of idealism".      Gwineva

How can anyone tell the difference between right and wrong if he or she has not been provided with guidelines and standards against which judgements and decisions can be made?  Who better to provide these than the parents?  Of course, parents can pass on to thier children only what they themselves believe in.  Acceptable family standards should be eternal verities, the treasure handed down from generation to generation, the heritage of the ages.   Celestina

For your interest quotes I shall put up from the works we have

I have always loved the bricks in the wall analogy and have used it many times over the years.  Thank you Laraine.

That's is a wonderful analogy, is Gweniva part of the Kolbrin ?


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