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What Can Be Done to Improve Society

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I’ve had many questions about society and what can be done to improve our lot and help people. The best answer I’ve found is to perfect myself as much as I can and learn as much as possible about the deepest, most important things. To train and master myself as much as possible so that I may help others do the same if they get stuck or want help. But if one doesn’t make this type of internal commitment, either they’re not really serious or the help they give will just be a continuance of their own diseases…the blind leading the blind.

Bad things are on the horizon, but also good ones…the bad being the instructors of the good…


--- Quote from: Manuel Cufre ---I always say that the quality of a system is judged by how many conditions it requires to function correctly, the more conditions the less effective. The idea that we need more people to be in a path of self improvement is surely correct, but as it has been overwhelmingly proven, without a correct framework to guide them most people just will not undertake such endeavors and will remain in the mire of ignorance. I do think the search for that ever elusive perfect system to implement on human society and make everything work in a desirable manner is a worthy one. To me work correctly includes facing the undesirable traits that will always exist within human society in a way in which they can be dealt with successfully, not the typical utopian method of just suppressing them by force.
--- End quote ---

Brute force is breaking down as an effective tool, which is why those whom are really in control (or who think they are, anyway) are using much more subversive methods of manipulation.

That is from a negative, mechanistic understanding of humanity, however.

But there is no one size fits all framework, as what one would think of in a religion. Too many changing conditions and people make this unworkable. The change won’t come from a framework as we know them to have existed in the past. It will be a change in consciousness that is prompted by suffering and a need for change. The bad is the instructor to the good…necessity is the mother of invention…

Or...worst case scenario...there is a 'reset'...certainly hope not, and things are starting to look like that will not be the case.


--- Quote from: Manuel Cufre ---"It will be a change in consciousness that is prompted by suffering and a need for change. The bad is the instructor to the good…necessity is the mother of invention…"

Well at least you're not saying some plasma from the cosmos will change people into super enlightened beings nor that aliens will come to fix things, I like that. Unfortunately it's another failure for us to need to come to this point of being blasted by terrible events to be able to get our stuff together. It seems that we can't get out of our own vicious cycle:

“It is far easier to be a weakling than to be a Real Man. Were the Earth less harsh or the circumstances of life less austere, man would destroy himself before the shrine of the languid goddess. Only Real Men can with safety destroy the tangled forests and wilderness of Earth and make from them gardens, but will those who inherit the gardens be Real Men? The law decrees that they must be, or the wilderness will reclaim its own.”

It seems humanity cannot live in prosperity without turning corrupted.
--- End quote ---

We do it to ourselves…

I’m not perfect, and was at one time much more dark and ignorant. While I would never want to repeat the experiences of those times, it has made me the man I am today. I also would never give up those experiences. Had I not gone through them, I would have never understood what I was doing to myself or how I was hurting others. I am grateful for those harsh lessons that I now may live in peace with light…with the ever burning desire for more light, while also receiving the joy that comes from giving back.


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