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Why Were the Kolbrin and Kailedy Split in Two?

Started by Len, January 14, 2013, 08:45:36 PM


QuoteWhy Were the Kolbrin and Kailedy Split in Two?


There were several reasons, and I will give two. But I will not, on this matter, speak for the Culdian Trust as a whole, so you will have to accept the disclaimer that the following is merely one Culdian's point of view.

One: there was an awareness from certain quarters that because of the peculiar nature of the collection of manuscripts called the Kolbrin; that it would be plagiarized by opportunists that would have neither the authorization nor the spiritual understanding required to represent it to seekers of truth looking for deeper, specialized answers to personal yearnings kindled within those select group of individuals. This select group of readers would naturally search out the Kolbrin's provenance. Publishing the Kailedy later had the effect of both throwing sloppy opportunists off their game and revealing to deeper researchers at a later date that the historical Keltic nature of the Kailedy came from the same source as the original Kolbrin publication, so that now if anyone were to plagiarize the Kailedy separately, or sell one without the other, they would reveal themselves for who they were. But it appears we gave the opportunists too much credit, and they were unable to hide their fraud from anyone willing to do a half hour Google search.

Two: The Kailedy is a Gospel of Jesus. Certain Mystical Christians will find things in the Kailedy speaking to exactly what they need, yet might be uncomfortable with or not be ready for other elements in the rest of the Kolbrin. Likewise, there are seekers of truth that are totally sincere, but have been numbed by the mainstream, corrupted forms of Christianity, and presenting a full Gospel of Jesus as the coda of an alternative presentation of spiritual truths would, for some, leave a souring experience and lessen the effect of everything else they just read. We wished to help as many true seekers as we could, allowing for different people in different stages of development to be assisted where they were at and accommodating for certain weaknesses of prejudice we all carry to some extent; hence, the divided publication.