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Started by Laraine, April 30, 2013, 10:25:07 PM


As Gwineva 1 is online I shall take some quotes from Celestina:-
This is the fourth prime aspect of good. It embraces positivity, diligence, vitality, struggle, purposefulness and motion. At its opposite pole are the evils of negativity, carelessness, passiveness, apathy, inaction, purposelessness and motionlessness. Effort is life, its cessation is death. Motion is a prime content of life, stagnation is a state of death.

Creation began when purposeful energy operated upon the primordial chaos which was generated in the Absolute. Since then there has been a continual struggle between the creative energies and the counteracting agencies of motionless chaos. This is the eternal struggle, the fight between the principles of good and the principles of evil. Concieve it in any way you will.

Evil plays an essential role in the great drama of creation. To a culture where evil consists of succumbing to temptations which seep through from the subconscious to the conscious mind and of breaching priestly prohibitions ( the whole classified as 'sin'), the concept of evil that I present may be difficult to grasp. However , when the idea that evil is the negative polarity of good( the other side of the coin of life) is understood, a much more balanced perspective of creation comes into being. In this more enlightened concept of evil, the part played by effort and passiveness, motion and motionlessness, action and inaction, is probably the one which is the most difficult to understand.

On the one hand there are people who are good, and I do not mean this in a 'goody goody' way. They are positive and purposeful. On the other hand there are those who are predominately negative and apathetic. Those are the minions of evil: I do not imply that they are necesarily 'bad people', in fact such is the paradox of the position that they could  concieveably be 'good people' unwittingly serving evil ends. Your society has labelled itself the 'Permissive Society', yet within ite ailing body there are forces which do not accept or condone the permissive pholosophy, and these are positive people who stand in contradiction to the permissives, call them what you will.

I shall finish this tomorrow.... have a nice day   ;)