Author Topic: Thoughts on Reconciliation  (Read 5195 times)

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Re: Thoughts on Reconciliation
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Sometimes gentleness and patience is required, and sometimes a blow to the head. Know when and how to apportion each depending on the situation and the individual and their motivation. In any case, done in a spirit of love, self control, and genuine interest in the other person are requisites. Otherwise, it is best to keep silent and observe.

We have all been fools and wise men (and wise women too ;) ). Don't be so hard on yourself, Sha'ul. Your heart is good (and really BIG) and you are thirsting to learn. As long as you keep trying to improve upon your flaws, they can be patiently accepted and forgiven by others here. I pray you will do the same for me, and other Genuine Seekers here.

Much Love...

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Re: Thoughts on Reconciliation
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I totally support Len on this one Sha'ul.  You indeed have an amazing heart and an intrepid sense of direction [how else would you have come across the Culdians and the teachings of Gwineva et al] inasmuch as you see, or feel, or simply know, that something is right.  I remember, one or two years back now  ;) , how I was totally transformed by the teachings of Gwineva.  They completely floored me and well over 30 years later they still amaze me.  Not only did I resonate with the teachings, I also resonated with the people who called themselves Culdians following a brand new path set up only months beforehand.

Like the grass outside, we were all so very green and inexperienced in this sort of thing, but fortunately there were those supporting us as we floundered, on many, many occasions, as we progressed from the cradle (so-to-speak) to a very shaky crawl. 

When I think back on these things (I was about 21 or 22 - still a kid) I know how frustrating it must have been for our mentors (corporeal and non-corporeal) in guiding us along.

I think this song might explain how we, as Culdians, feel about you and all those other wonderful souls just waiting to come on in...

Kia kaha ehoa (be strong my friend).

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Re: Thoughts on Reconciliation
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Lance baby, I love you all.
Thanks ehoa.