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Re: Hi, general philosophy & reasoning
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It is an experiential science, this practice of metaphysics; not one that can be simply rationalized from an armchair. The Soulspirit must be experienced

That really is the truth right there. Very much bumping off of walls or walking in circles. But as i sometimes tell people the universe wants to give you truth, you need only ask sincerely.

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Duly heed though the bolded warning of the Kolbrin quote above, “It is unwise for mortal man to attempt the understanding of that which is beyond his conception, for there lies the road to disbelief and madness.”

This comes to me as more of an explanation than a warning Len  ;D ... So that's why i am considered a lunatic?

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One does not use a hammer to paint a wall, nor a brush to pound a nail.

I really wanna add an addendum to that *except on youtube*  ;D Sorry for being cheeky  ;)

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So, here is the crossroads for you wsimm101

Your very accurate Len thank you. I am really blown away by those quotes from The Kolbrin. I really appreciate that. I have so much respect for literate people! A guy i worked with once had read the entire of Dante's Divine Comedy! He would have loved the Kolbrin, i might give him a ring or something.

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Re: Hi, general philosophy & reasoning
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You're a funny guy, w...  :P

But no, I certainly don't think you're crazy, although it seems you may occasionally enjoy giving the unsuspecting that impression...  ;) . Good, get them out of their comfort zones, and help them think!

I'm sure your friend would enjoy the Kolbrin, but to give a proper recommendation you might want to give it a thorough reading first.

BTW, the Divine Comedy is excellent, but often overrated outside Italy. What may perhaps be better, and is certainly underrated these days is Paradise Lost...

How could the Brits forget Milton???!!!
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