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Reasoned scientific discussion of metaphysical subjects without hysteria.
Culdians are intrigued by the mysteries of life and seek to push back the frontiers of the unknown and probe the mysteries of the universe and of creation. The Culdian perspective allows ample room for both the spiritual and secular aspects of life.
Start orientating towards a new concept of life, towards self-discipline and a more positive lifestyle!
  • Kolbrin
"A person who is the Master of Life is one freed from the whims of fate. He or she is in control of his or her life. Exactly how this is to be achieved cannot be codified or set out in precepts and direct instruction. It is not something superficially imposed on the personality from without but goes much deeper."
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Culdians embody the earliest form of Christian Teachings from the 1st Century merged with ancient Druid wisdom. Instead of one ideology attempting to stamp out another, pre-Nicean Christianity represented an original form of peaceful mysticism that merged and added wisdom peacefully with the older lore of tribal neighbors. Learn about your true spiritual heritage those in power wished to suppress from you.

Revived in 1980, through spiritual communication common to the original Culdees, and with documents and personal lineage, a group in New Zealand was asked to finally come out of the long hiding from persecution to restore publically an important piece of mankind’s spiritual birthright. Learn more about who we are and our aims in the World today.

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Many of you have common questions that either can be answered here or in the Forums. We also have a Dictionary explaining ancient words and other meaning for common words in our usage.

Some of our main Teachings can be found right here on this website. These Teachings, more than anything else you see above or within this site define Culdifaith, and what it is to be a Culdian. If you are looking for more in our hard copies, visit our Store.