Key Terms


Culdians believe that Truth is one of the eternal verities which, in its ultimate and perfect expression, is not realisable on Earth. Here we can never know more than its reflection, but this does not mean that we should not aspire to it and strive towards it. Culdians place Truth at the pinnacle of their philosophy and it should be noted that the Culdian Constitution subordinates all else therein to Truth. Therefore, should you wish to follow the Culdian way, you will be dedicated to the search for Truth, probing and questing to find points where its reflection can be seen more clearly.


This is another of the eternal verities which, in perfection, is not knowable here, but towards which we must ever strive. Just as many people confuse Truth with truthfulness, so do many confuse Love in its higher expressions with its more mediocre forms, which is all they can comprehend. Today the word ‘love’ and its concept, is greatly devalued and in fact has become almost a dirty word. The entertainment world uses it in jest and lewd innuendoes, something to raise sly smirks or titillate the sensual side of man’s nature. More often than not it is associated either with sexuality or with a form of empathy which is given status by referring to it as ‘universal love’, ‘neighbourly love’ or something similar, which actually is not love at all; for it lacks any emotional depth and cannot plumb the depths of the human soul. Jesus demonstrated True Love, an all-powerful emotion expressing all that is noble, selfless, and even divine in human nature.

The following is a quotation, in modern parlance, from a medieval book on prophesies:

“The dire days which will end this era will witness a final struggle between two great antagonists – Love and Carnality. Good men and women of repute will be rent asunder to the depths of their being as they become the battleground and none can say which antagonist will triumph. If Love emerges victorious, then mankind may step forward to receive the accolade of angels and kingship in a heavenly realm on Earth where Love reigns as co-regent. But if Carnality carries the day, humanity shall surely descend into the realm of animalistic creation. In those dire days to come this will be the supreme contest and none shall sit aside in pavilions except those who are followers of Carnality. The champions of Love will be on the field one and all, for they will be sorely assailed, but will they prevail? For they will be few.”

From ‘The New Society’
This more or less states the position existing in our society today. The Culdians see the issue clearly and do not “sit aside in pavilions” but take their place in the ranks of ‘the champions of Love’.

Sexual Equality

Culdians claim that both sexes should be accorded equality of rights and status, neither one being considered superior nor to be placed at a disadvantage at law or economically in relation to the other. However, equality does not imply uniformity and the natural sexual differences which enhance the intersexual relationship should be conserved and cultivated. The objective should be a healthy balance which ensures that each sex complements the other to the effect that the quality of sexual relationship is accentuated and the present antagonisms and antipathies are eliminated.


This is an area of great concern to Culdians because we recognise that one of the greatest tragedies in the world today is defective relationships of one kind or another. There are discordant relationships between the sexes which come about as a result of incomplete harmonic compatibility. Basically, men and women are different biologically, physiologically, emotionally and mentally. It is these differences that bring about attraction. Man and woman naturally complement each other. When there is an underlying disharmony it is because the natural order of things and the proper balance have been distorted.

Human beings, like everything else in the universe, have a certain personal frequency. As a species we relate to a human frequency and the order is that male frequencies relate to maleness and female frequencies to femaleness. Furthermore there is a certain percentage of femaleness in men and maleness in women. Without this adjustment there would be either excessive masculinity or excessive femineity. Unfortunately there has been, in recent times, a trend towards sexual uniformity; men becoming more feminine and women more masculine. This is causing the frequencies of men and women to become too alike. The outcome is a clash rather than a harmonious blend.

The changes that are taking place have nothing to do with equality of rights, status and privileges. The Culdians believe that men and women are equal whilst at the same time retaining their essential masculinity and femineity.

Family Stability

This is something Culdians consider to be of paramount importance and we view the present prevailing attitude of relaxed responsibility and non-commitment with grave concern. The current permissiveness, which is closely connected with sexual uniformity, has led to identity confusion. In the home this has brought about marital discord which is having a profound effect upon the children. Children are becoming confused about family roles and either rebel or become apathetic. They in turn, will become incapable of forming proper relationships and this will have a profound effect on society at large. You only have to look at our society today to see how disharmony and disorder prevail.

Culdians see the family unit as playing a most important role in the preservation of our culture and society. It is only when a society is harmonious and culturally well-adjusted that individuals are able to develop culturally and spiritually; only then are they able to balance this with technological and scientific advances.
We believe that in the home the role of male and female must be clearly defined and shown to be complementary. We encourage boys to develop honour and integrity; independence, benevolence and generosity; a sense of justice along with kindliness, consideration and chivalry. They are taught, first and foremost, that the most important goal in life is the common good of mankind. We instil in them a sense of duty and responsibility along with self-discipline. This does not mean that girls should not be taught these values. Indeed they should, but the emphasis is on a feminine approach. We encourage girls to see themselves as the worthy symbol of the sanctity of home and family, the symbol of the highest expression of Love on Earth. That is of paramount importance, but it does not mean that girls cannot be encouraged to have careers or develop skills in the community. On the contrary, by knowing their proper role in life anything they do will be enhanced. A girl is also to be encouraged to develop the moral courage which will manifest in her instinctive desire to protect and cherish all that she symbolises. Chastity demands moral courage. There should be nothing of the qualities generally referred to as cheap or common in her make-up.

The terms used here may speak to you of a morality which is being denigrated in today’s society. Culdians want to put these terms in their proper context. They mean very much more than just sterile and dogmatised moral obligations. The very survival of our modern day society and in fact the human species depends upon a complete understanding and practice of these terms.


Child care and culture is something to which Culdians also give a great deal of consideration. We believe that responsible conception and parenting are of extreme importance. If we could have a generation of perfect parents, this would be followed by a perfect world.

We believe that a child has the right to be cared for, to be taught self discipline, responsibility, and concern about others. These qualities are, all too often, completely neglected and this alone can lead to later delinquency. There is a natural inborn dignity, a natural charm and grace in children and they are naturally sociable. If these qualities are stifled in infancy, as they often are, and then efforts are made to reinstate them by later rigorous ‘training’, the exercise is futile. The child revolts, and this can be intensified until he or she becomes completely unruly.

The rights of parents will happen as a natural consequence when parents themselves instil a code of right conduct from a very early age – i.e. good habits are established right from the cradle. When children develop a code of right behaviour it will be a natural thing for them to respect the rights of others.


Networking is about attuning with the resonating rate of Planet Earth’s pulse. This happens because of a continuing resonance between the brain waves of humans and the measurements of waves emitted by the Earth.

The ancients, who lived in an intimate relationship with Earth and the forces which play about the through it and who were aware that man is an integral part of Nature’s whole, instinctively knew what to do. Rituals were formulated to enhance certain frequencies. However, over the centuries these rituals fell into disuse and only a remnant of the power force then generated remains today. Fortunately, the knowledge of the ancients has been preserved and today this ancient knowledge is being utilised by Culdians and other groups as the basis for the formation of modern attunement rituals.

The rituals used today are of a meditative and developmental nature conducive to attunement or harmonisation. The purpose being to bring about a state of resonance between specific groups and the network as a whole, and between the network and the positive and negative energies of the planet.
Networking can be undertaken by any serious student of life and you do not have to be a Culdian to join in our particular rituals.
Further information on Networking can be obtained by reading our handbook on Metaphysical Networking and our book entitled “Leylines of Life”.


Healing plays a big part in our philosophy. With the big upsurge in the numbers of practitioners of alternative healing during the last three decades, one would have anticipated the advent of a healthier society, but the truth is that the number of those requiring treatment for various illnesses has increased pro rata to the increase of Healers. This is because the latter are often imperfect channels and consequently do more harm than good. We want any aspiring Culdian healer to have familiarised him or herself with the requirements for becoming an effective Healer. He or she should also know why it is that some Healers become sufferers and should be informed regarding protective measures. This information is provided in our teachings.

Nature Units

The forces of Nature function in an incredibly creative and sophisticated mode, potentially ready to nurture humankind in its own physical growth and metaphysical development. While Nature stands ready to learn, the question now becomes: “are human individuals ready to teach?” Awareness beyond functional existence is not limited to the human dimensions. Nature also exists with needs beyond its own genetic patterning, but like the human its needs include interaction with man for maximum development.

Nature is under dire threat and urgently needs dedicated people to commit themselves to serving her cause. It is important to remember that although the Nature units are basically concerned with terrestrial matters within the realm of Nature they also have a relationship, a correspondence with the Cosmos as a whole. They are not exclusively concerned with the earth but reach far out beyond material confines.

Nature units require people who feel they have a real affinity with Nature, who want to delve deeply into the lore of Nature and to understand her deeper significance. They will be deeply concerned about the way in which Nature has been exploited, with the present pollution and contamination of our environment.


Culdians are not survivalists in the sense that they believe in the inevitability of a planetary catastrophe in which few will survive. They can see the possibility of some overwhelming disaster on a world wide scale and consider it prudent and common sense to be prepared for such an event. It is desirable that any catastrophe be seen in a positive light; that such an event is designed to have a cleansing effect on the planet, so that we might start afresh. Meanwhile, every effort should be made to prevent it or mitigate its effects. Networking is a fine example of working along these lines.

Survivalism does not play a central role in the Culdian organisation and it is regarded, at the individual level, as futile. At a subsistence, primitive and anarchic level it is unacceptable, for it has to foster the basic elements of our civilisation and culture. The Culdian Trust is administratively linked with other Survivalist organisations and supports all those who view the question of survival in a wide and humanitarian perspective.

The Culdian’s main emphasis is on a level of survival of great significance. For want of a better word, it may be called the ‘philosophy of survivalism’. Extensive research carried out in Sweden and Switzerland (and probably elsewhere) indicates that no matter how well people are prepared materially they will not survive under gruelling conditions, particularly in confinement with others, unless an added element is present. That is a controlled, disciplined, organised state of mind. Even more so can the proper balance between the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical components of the human being sustain the rigours of hardship.

It was found that without this, profound psychological changes occurred after seven to twelve days; even after three or four days most of the people being tested exhibited symptoms of these changes. Thinking became distorted, personal antagonisms intensified and the presence of others became unbearable. Strange cravings were spawned, the most bizarre of which being towards cannibalism, particular in vegetarians. A whole range of personality aberrations was manifested. Most people who have come through an acute and prolonged survival situation, particularly where inactivity was enforced, will confirm this phenomenon; it occurs even when every material need is met.

The Culdian teachings, accepted and taken as a whole, parallel what has been called ‘the philosophy of survival’. Those who have studied these teachings in depth and complied with the instructions will not suffer the effects mentioned. It is a strange quirk of human nature that most of those who believe that they will react in the right way to a survival situation are the very people who do not.

The Havalona Connection

Havalona is a planet situated in the cluster of starts known as ‘the Pleiades’. Its importance lies in the fact that there is a direct connection between Havalona and the earthly Avalon complex which comprises Avesbury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury in Britain. In ancient times a powerful dynamo of metaphysical energy was generated through the earthly Avalon complex, much of which remains available in the astral. However, during and following the Roman occupation of Britain, conditions for channelling energy became unsuitable.

Today, the Culdians seek to reactivate this ancient power grid whose energies are more than ever needed. Through the process enacted by working with these energies we can hope to help heal Mother Earth and cleanse her of accumulated impurities.

The ancients knew that the key to activating the grid system was to align themselves, that is, to correspond with the high frequencies existing on Havalona. We can do this by improving ourselves on every level through raising our individual frequencies.

Conditions on Havalona are compatible with those of Planet Earth, yet they may be described as being more akin to the fairyland or ‘Otherworld’ that children know and live in. Because of its great beauty and serene atmosphere, Havalona is often referred to as a resting place between incarnations elsewhere. There is no warring or disease as we know it and above all it is most conducive to the flowering of romantic love.