Introduction to the Culdians

The Culdian perspective covers a very wide area within which there is ample room for both the spiritual and secular aspects of life and the Culdian philosophy can, and does, reconcile the two. Members are not confined within any spiritual, theological or philosophical corral but in fact, may, if they wish, become involved entirely with the secular side of the organisation.

Spiritual Activities

The spiritual activities may be roughly divided into two sections, one of which serves what may be called the traditional Culdians. This embraces those who want to follow an enlightened and progressive form of mystic Christianity based broadly on the beliefs of the Ancient Culdees, the original pre-Augustinian Church in Britain. This is free of the later overlay of dogmatic doctrine in which theological errors were compounded and perpetuated by organised orthodoxy.

The other section embraces those who are interested in metaphysical matters, the unknown, the mystical and the spiritist side of spirituality. Within this spectrum of spirituality a wide variety of beliefs can be accommodated, with the proviso that all serve the highest Good. Culdians are tolerant and recognise that there are many paths to the ultimate in Truth.


The more secular aspects relate to such things as personal relationships, child care and culture, health and wholesomeness, the family, environmental issues, counteracting mind manipulation and the international economic conspiracy, sustained survival psychology and communal concern and care. In other words, Culdians care about all the things that enhance human existence and contribute towards the good life.

Culdians are seekers after Truth, they are intrigued by the mysteries of life and seek to push back the frontiers of the unknown and probe the mysteries of the universe and of creation. Culdians have an interest in what is called “metaphysics” because it cannot be excluded from the complex pattern of life and contains many unknown or unexplained elements and mysteries which enlightened people should seek to understand. Words such as “occult”, “psychic” or “magick” are avoided because of the amount of charlatanism, self- deception and irresponsibility which has become associated with these words.

Mastery of Life

If asked to define the particular area of concern for the Culdians it would be the “Mastery of Life”. This concept covers the area of social concerns, relationships and self-mastery. Culdians believe disasters and distress associated with everyday living stem from defective relationships. These, in turn, have their generating causes in the earliest years of childhood, and so consequently, emphasis is laid on good parenting. The Culdians support the idea that many of the diseases and maladies of later life stem from domestic circumstances in the childhood home. This is borne out in the findings of current research and scientific study.

A person who is the Master of Life is one freed from the whims of fate. He or she is in control of his or her life. Exactly how this is to be achieved cannot be codified or set out in precepts and direct instruction. It is not something superficially imposed on the personality from without but goes much deeper. It means orientation towards a new concept of life, towards self-discipline and a positive lifestyle.