The Culdian Trust is a non-profit spiritual organization dedicated to personal growth, self-mastery, metaphysics, and assisting with healing society based on the concepts of traditional morality and True Love.

None of our members are paid for the work they do and actually pay dues as a requirement of membership. The price of our publications are sold nearly at cost, with the slight profit gained immediately reinvested into continued printing and publishing. Our operating costs (this website, published material, travel and accommodation for lectures and workshops, etc.) is entirely based on membership dues and public donations.

If you have found our Teachings and services beneficial to your life, and would like to give back in a manner that you have received, please consider donating to us in our effort to expand.

‘Expansion’ in this sense means more books and other publications useful to you and others in more locations, more workshops and lectures, ‘schools’ and ‘courses’ for further metaphysical advancement, and an eventual ability to charter and support groups in your home location. For all of this and more, we depend on your support.

Please also consider donating personally to any of our individual members through their blog pages. Their services are there for you at no charge, but if you would like to help them, and give them personally more time to expand the work they are doing, direct donation links to individual members can be found on their respective blog pages.

Note: Please let us know through the Paypal comments or by email of the particular name of the individual Culdian you may choose to support through donations so we know whom to send it to.