We are working to put up many of our Teachings both for the general public and signed up members. Stay tuned to the News and Announcements section of the Forum for the rotational release of different Teachings. Any of these books and booklets, and more, may be purchased electronically in our Store should you wish to have them on hand, or miss the free rotational release.

The following is the current freely available slate of Teachings in our rotation:

1. In the Spirit of Christmas, we offer to all registered Members of the site the ability to read The Gospel of the Kailedy, free at your leisure, and among your families. The Kailedy is the second part of The Kolbrin, and is the story of Jesus preserved by the Kelts, whose tradition predates the Roman Church.

Enjoy the read, and enjoy your family… and remember, we all have the potential to become a ‘Son of Man’, quite clearly because we are all already sons of men. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution is in order…

The Kailedy may be read by clicking on the following link after you have logged into the Website: https://culdiantrust.org/courses/kailedy/

2. As health, virtue, and strength begin to establish themselves symbolically in preparation for the New Year, the groundwork is laid to both manifest and connect with the Divine Source within and above. And as this process continues, it is experienced more purely and powerfully with less distortion and abstraction. Our booklet, A Culdian Perspective on Worship and Prayer, removes sectarian dogma around the subject while explaining how all of us may approach the Divine that is our universal birthright. This second selection, available to logged in members of the website, helps to unravel and experience our own personal place and connection with the universal source amidst and a part of the cosmic tapestry.

3. A Culdian’s Thoughts on the Bible is a very short booklet that just begins to touch on theological issues relating to the Bible, and is available for all members and visitors.

4.Our final rotational selection, Reconciliation, is the true story of a Culdian’s struggle with present day Christianity, followed by a revelatory experience which had the effect of ‘reconciling’ certain theological differences between Culdian and mainstream Christian thought. Reconciliation is available to read free of all registered members and visitors of the website.

5. As of now, we continuously have the Booklet, “An Introduction to Spirituality” available for all guests of our website to read . It can be found by clicking here: An Introduction to Spirituality.

After logging in to the site, click on the title link of the booklet to access it.

(To freely read ANY of the aforementioned Teachings on the website, click the “register” button at the top of the page, and after creating an account, log in from the main website page. [The forums are a separate log in.])