Creed of the Culdian Trust

1. THE DIVINITY OF MAN. We believe in the divinity and duality of man and in the indestructibility and immortality of his Soul. That he is the heir of God and His deputy on Earth and we believe in the boundless glory and indescribable grandeur of man’s ultimate goal.

2. THE SUPREME RULE OF GOD. We believe in the overall rule of the God who is the Supreme and Universal Spirit and in our subordinate relationship with Him. We believe Him to be the fountainhead of all good. We believe that He dwells in a realm of absolute perfection beyond our comprehension, but that in furtherance of His plan, Earth and the material universes lie outside that region.

3. THE UNIVERSAL PURPOSE. We believe in a universal purpose and plan which brought into being all the manifestations of creation.

4. THE UNIVERSAL UNITY. We believe in a universal unity and a harmony of pattern and plan throughout all creation whether on Earth or elsewhere and that no part of the whole can be isolated into the eternally unknowable or incomprehensible.

5. THE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY OF INDIVIDUALS. We believe in the personal responsibility of individuals towards God, life and society; towards their families, their fellowmen and their race.

We believe that each one has an appointed place in the Great Design and a specific part to play in the Grand Purpose.

6. THE ACCOUNTING IN THE AFTERLIFE. We believe that there is a personal accounting in the afterlife for each individual and that their condition there is dependant on their thoughts, attitudes and actions. Each reaps in the sunlight according to their sowing in the soil.

7. THE SANCTITY OF LOVE. We believe in the sanctity of love and that it is the highest spiritual and emotional expression of which man is capable.

8. THE UPWARD EVOLUTIONARY DRIVE. We believe earthly conditions are such that they provide a perfect setting for humanity’s progress towards godhood.

We believe in the progression from the simple to the complex and therefore, divergence and differentiation are an essential part of the overall plan. This applies to all species but to mankind in particular.

9. THE ABSOLUTE QUALITIES. We believe that beyond this realm of imperfection there is a realm where the absolute qualities of Truth, Justice, Goodness and Beauty are realizable. We do not expect to experience them in their absoluteness or perfection until we reach their source, but we recognize that it is essential to aspire to them.

10. THE TRIUMPH OF GOOD. We believe in the ultimate triumph of good through human effort and struggle. Good being that which accords with and furthers God’s plan, and evil all that hinders or offsets it. We believe that the tests and challenges of Earth serve the purpose of good and that it is only man’s misconceptions and mismanagement of them which generate evil.