Formerly called Culdicreed.  This is the corpus of beliefs held by Culdians, which decrees a belief in a Supreme Being who is the fountainhead of Good.  It affirms that man, the human individual, is the spiritual being partaking of the nature of God, the Supreme Spirit.  Therefore man is truly the son of God, but more than that he is his deputy and agent on Earth.  As deputy, and is meant to rule Earth and is responsible for his own spiritual progress here.  The Culdians hold that this progress is the sole purpose of Earth and earthly life.  Than earth is perfect for its purpose and the Culdian teachings establish that this is so.

Culdians do not believe in primitive tribal God capable of demanding a blood sacrifice.  Therefore, they do not accept the doctrine of vicarious atonement.  They believe in an omnipotent God who is above all such primitive interpretations of His attributes.  A being so great that nothing man can do can add to his greatness; a Being who, nevertheless, relates to humans as a father does to his children and who is pleased (gratified) when his children assume their proper responsibilities and strive towards great goals of ultimate achievement.  Likewise, he is saddened when they become mendicants seeking a divine ‘handout’ and a free ticket to Heaven provided through the sacrifice of another.