Salamanders, Gnomes, Undines and Sylphs are elementals associated respectively with Fire, Earth, Water and Air. They are not to be confused with Nature Spirits and there are other forms of elementals. Some, such as those which manifest as poltergeists, draw power from humans in much the same way as a pin becomes magnetized if placed near a magnet. They are mischievous as monkeys and possibly even more brainless, but are not evil in the generally accepted sense of the word. They are irresistibly drawn towards spiritistic practices such as ‘séances’ where they are responsible for some portion of the phenomena. They are entities with more energy than form, that are produced in certain places. Not indestructible, although under the right circumstances they can last for hundreds of years, providing their place is left undisturbed. They have no sense of right or wrong, having only rudimentary consciences. They are also apt to draw their power from animals.