The law of sowing and reaping, of compensation. Sometimes called the Law of Consequences. It operates through cause and effect and has nothing to do with retribution. A fundamental principle is that for each wrong we have done to another, each pain and sorrow caused, we shall suffer in like degree and manner, at a time and place where the lesson to be learned may be most effective. The sole purpose of compensating processes is to further our spiritual evolution. One common mistake made in relation to kharma is that because it is inevitable it must be accepted fatalistically and philosophically. This is completely wrong. Kharma is meant to be struggled against, for only thus can demerits be transmuted into merits. Passive acceptance of the effects of kharma only compounds the kharmic debt. Of course, there is good as well as bad kharma, which is to say there are credits for right actions as well as debits for wrongdoings. All activities, even thoughts, in the school of life earn either karmic merits or demerits.