Love – Sensual

The emotion that is expressed within what is primarily a sexual relationship, is differentiated from a primarily love-oriented relationship wherein sex plays more of a supportive role. Sensual love is promoted today as the real thing, of which it is no more than a shadow, a reflection into the physical. In a plastic-package, convenience-oriented, throw-away society conditioned by the mass media and entertainment industry to accept the counterfeit as the real, True Love is becoming increasingly rare. The average person has little conception or comprehension of what this concept entails. The shadow is now accepted as the substance of what is masqueraded as the genuine article; something of little worth which is lightly given and easily disposable. The first blast of the wind of the adversity, the testing time of tedium or the blows of ill fortune or financial entanglements will quickly cause the frail bloom to wilt. True Love is strengthened by such tests as steel is tempered in the fire.