Compatible pair whose destinies are linked together through incarnations. Only Soulmates can experience love in its ultimate expression. They will also carry forward latent memories of previous associations. Soulmates are drawn together through the Law of Affinity, but never made under congenial conditions in the initial incarnation where they are always presented with the tests of unusual difficulties and challenges. Irrespective of how they meet, Soulmates remain together through subsequent incarnations and they are jointly responsible for what these incarnations bring. Through the incarnations together each becomes what the other desires. There is a sharing of kharma. The initial compatibility of Soulmates may of itself manifest as irritations and may present problems. It is not unusual for Soulmates to be repulsed by each other in the initial encounters and always there are tests which, if surmounted, ultimately weld them together. There is a potential Soulmate for everyone, the less than one in a hundred thousand in any generation will find his or her ‘other half’. One of the Mysteries, which cannot be explained here, is that originally the two were one.