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The Culdian Website and its Forums are presented for and given use to the public in order to assist with the advancement of mankind in the respective spheres of the individual, family, and society with particular emphasis placed on spirituality, morality, mastery of life, love, and truth. While the above is the primary focus; discussions of science, history, politics, economics, philosophy, applied metaphysics, and many other fields abound.

With as many fields of interest and study that may be discussed on these Forums, there are even more individual perspectives, opinions, and experiences related to these fields. Various fields of study and experience are not, in real life, disassociated and segregated from each other in the manner we compartmentalize our arts and sciences for purposes of focus and organization. Some here may answer a historical question with a spiritual answer, or a moral observation with a scientific objection, to use just a couple of examples.

In the past, science and materialism were often ignored, rebuked, and opposed by one-sided biases of religion, spirituality, or morality. Today, we often find the opposite intolerance of morality, spirituality, and metaphysics degraded by biased, one-sided conceptions of science and materialism.

Everybody here is entitled to their personal biases, preferences, and perspectives. However, no member joining these Forums is entitled to belittle, degrade, or attack another member due to not understanding, not accepting, or being intolerant of another members way of thinking or approach in their own answers and quest for truth. While the Culdian Forums are open to all compartments of knowledge and fields of study, Culdian Teachings themselves weigh more heavily in favor of the moral and spiritual arts and sciences in order to better balance what is currently greatly lacking in the world today. If irresolvable disputes arise that falsely and mistakenly pit the materialistic against the spiritual, it is the moderators prerogative to resolve this dispute in any manner they see fit. This resolution will more than likely favor the spiritual perspective due mainly to the mission of the Forum Owners, but owing also to the present imbalance in the world disfavoring and belittling the spiritual and moral perspectives and truths.

On the other end of the spectrum, most average new age material is imbalanced in regards to not being in line with reason and science. Culdian philosophy attempts to reconcile the spiritual and physical sciences to the limits it is able given our society’s present understanding of such things. Outside spiritual models that do not answer, ignore, or degrade logic, reason, and general science may find that these forums will be unwelcome to such views in the long run. Open-mindedness and skepticism, and a desire to learn and grow should be characteristics displayed by all members here. Otherwise, after a long train of warnings of displays of intolerance, hysteria, cynicism, spamming, or bullying, ones posting privileges and membership here will be in jeopardy.

Ultimately, this disclaimer is here to inform you to be tolerant and accepting of others beliefs, facts, opinions, and perspectives. While there may be disagreement, discussion, and debate on all these issues, tolerance and civility are expected and will be enforced, with the understanding that these forums primary focus is firstly geared towards self and societal improvement, morality, spirituality and the like. Keep this in mind and act accordingly.